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Week of: Jan 20, 2019

Student Ruby Aguirre, Katelyn Harris, Molly Rose Hilgenberg, Melody Soper, Social Work

MSW students Ruby Aguirre, Katelyn Harris, Molly Rose Hilgenberg, and Melody Soper had a literature review published in Contemporary Social Work.

The review was written for the SW 582 class taught by Social Work Professor Pam Bowers and it was recently accepted in this journal:


Abstract – Sex trafficking is a pervasive threat across the globe and all fifty states of the United States, especially for underage female youth. However, there is a dearth of literature and awareness in domestic rural areas. Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking that threatens all communities, including rural areas. This extended literature review looks closely at recent studies, and the grey literature to garner a better understanding of the implications for rural social work practice. The review concludes with recommendations and implications for future research, policy, and practice.

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