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Week of: Mar 01, 2020

Student Gwynn Cristobal and Kiara Hudlin, Theatre, Film & Dance

Gwynn Cristobal was an Irene Ryan nominee for acting, and received call back interviews with Relative Theatrics (Laramie, WY), Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre (Bay Area), University of Hawaii- Manoa (MA/MFA program), Missoula Children’s Theatre Company (Touring), Fairhaven Summer Repertory (Bellingham, WA), And National Theatre Institute (CT).
Kiara Hudson was an Irene Ryan Region 7 Finalist, was offered an MFA spot at University of Idaho as a Sophomore Undergraduate Educational Theatre, and received call back interviews with National Theatre Institute, Relative Theatrics, Fairhaven Summer Repertory Theatre, Missoula Children’s Theatre and Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre.

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