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Week of: Jan 30, 2011

Staff Faculty: James Floss. Staff: Pamela Lyall, Rebecca Kalal, Peggy Metzger, Clint Rebik, Multiple (Communications/Library/Admissions/FinAid/Registrar)

Staff and Faculty lend their voices to raise $10,000!

James Floss (Communications), Pamela Lyall (Library), Peggy Metzger (Financial Aid), Rebecca Kalal (Admissions) and Clint Rebik (Registrar) recently raised $10,000 for a local arts organization during “The Road to ZOUNDS-ibar” live radio show.

Described as “Prairie Home Companion collides with Saturday Night Live in a Humboldt County twist” the original show was written in part by Floss, Metzger, and Rebik, and featured zany characters, songs, and sketches created by the ensemble.

The show is available as a podcast from the KHUM website. Link:

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