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Week of: Jan 20, 2013

Faculty Victor Golla, Anthropology

At its recent meeting in Boston, the Linguistic Society of America presented the 2013 Leonard Bloomfield Book Award to HSU Professor of Anthropology Victor Golla for his book, “California Indian Languages” (University of California Press, 2011). The annual award is granted to the foremost volume that contributes to our understanding of language and linguistics, through its “exemplary scholarship, enduring value, novelty, empirical import, conceptual significance, and clarity.” In announcing the award to Golla, the selection committee called “California Indian,” a remarkable piece of documentary linguistics, and “the reference of first resort” for neophytes and experts on indigenous California languages.

Golla’s book is only the fourteenth publication to have been honored with a Bloomfield award since its creation in 1990. The award commemorates the eminent linguist Leonard Bloomfield, a founding member of the LSA and the author of Language (1934), one of the most influential books in American structural linguistics.Although Golla was unable to attend the Boston meeting and received the award in absentia, arrangements are being made for a representative of the LSA to present it to him in person in California this spring.

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