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Week of: Aug 26, 2018

Staff Enoch Hale, Center for Teaching & Learning

Enoch Hale presented “Organizational Innovations to Open Pedagogy for Student Success” at the 2018 CSU Tech Conference (July 30-Aug 2) in Sacramento, CA.

Staff Josh Callahan and two CSU Information Security Officers, Information Technology Services

Josh Callahan (Information Security Officer), Neal Fisch (CSU Channel Islands), and David Zeichick (CSU Chico) presented “A Common Approach to Vendor Security Reviews” at the 2018 CSU Tech Conference (July 30-Aug 2) in Sacramento, CA.

Staff Bethany Rizzardi and Billie Herman, Information Technology Services

Bethany Rizzardi and Billie Herman presented “HSU IT Project Prioritization – Aligning IT Resources with Campus Priorities” at the 2018 CSU Tech Conference (July 30-Aug 2) in Sacramento, CA.

Staff Breck Robinson and Brent Oparowski, Information Technology Services

Breck Robinson and Brent Oparowski presented “Building the (Virtual) Lab of the Future with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)” at the 2018 CSU Tech Conference (July 30-Aug 2) in Sacramento, CA.

Staff Josh Callahan, Information Technology Services

The Telecommunications and Network Services team has received a $10,000 innovations mini-grant from the CSU Office of the Chancellor. The team will develop tools that will support internal campus communications during an outage caused by a natural disaster. The grant also funds the concept design of portable kits to support outage communications in local neighborhoods.

Faculty Dr. Young Kwon, Kim Vincent-Layton, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration

Dr. Young Kwon has received a $10,000 innovations mini-grant from the CSU Office of the Chancellor for developing Augmented Virtual Exercise Physiology Laboratories (AVEPL) with real data using virtual reality cameras. This project will provide hands-on lab activities and help eliminate the place-bound and facilities bottlenecks for KINS 379 Exercise Physiology.

Staff David Marshall, Breck Robinson, Cade Webb, Information Technology Services

ITS Enterprise and Client Technology has received $50,000 worth of Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits from the CSU Office of the Chancellor. These credits will be used to explore cloud services to expand our Virtual Lab. For this project, we will focus on using AWS for computationally or resource intensive processes and applications.

Student Club Epsilon Upsilon Chapter,

Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Inc. Biennium Convention Epsilon Upsilon Chapter & California Alumnae Association Humboldt State University.

The 2018 International Leadership Forum for the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Inc. was held in Buffalo, NY June 28th – July 1st, 2018. This biennium convention was attended by nearly 400 delegates around the country and marked the kick off for Delta Phi Epsilon’s new strategic plan. The event included distinguished alumnae speakers, professional development workshops, and the opportunity to celebrate Delta Phi Epsilon’s 100+ years of sisterhood and service.

The Epsilon Upsilon Chapter at Humboldt State University sent delegates to represent the HSU Chapter, one of two active chapters on the west coast. HSU’s undergraduate delegates included current Chapter President Michaelah Cole (Marine Biology, Senior) and past Vice President Operations Jasmine Calvillo (Cellular Molecular Biology, Senior).

Additionally, the California Alumnae Association, primarily composed of HSU graduates, had five alumnae representatives from Humboldt State University attending.

The Epsilon Upsilon Chapter at Humboldt State University was chartered in 1988 and currently has close to 60 undergraduate members. A second chapter was recently established on the west coast at California State University, Los Angeles in fall 2016.

Organizational Awards:
Outstanding Alumnae Newsletter Award: Epsilon Upsilon, Humboldt State University
— Awarded to the active undergraduate chapter with the most creative and engaging outreach program targeted towards their alumnae graduates.
Outstanding Senior to Alumnae Programming Award: California Alumnae Association, Humboldt State University & California State University, Los Angeles.
— Awarded to the Alumnae Association that excels in preparing collegiate senior members for alumnae membership during the biennium.

Individual Awards:
Sisterhood Award: Margie Janes, Epsilon Upsilon, HSU Class of 2006
— Presented to a volunteer who demonstrates loyalty and devotion to all aspects of Delta Phi Epsilon, including time, participation, commitment to communication, and contributes above and beyond the description of their position.

For more information about Delta Phi Epsilon at Humboldt State University visit or

Faculty Tim Miller, Sarah Fay Philips, Jessica Citti, Library / Writing Studio / Learning Center

Tim Miller (Library), Sarah Fay Philips (Library), and Jessica Citti (Writing Studio / Learning Center) presented “Creating and Coordinating a Collaborative Workshop Program: Librarians and Writing Studio Coordinator Share Insights and Lessons Learned” at the Library Instruction West 2018 Conference (July 19-20) in Grand Junction, CO.

Faculty Melanie Michalak, Susan Cashman, Geology

Melanie Michalak and Susan Cashman (Geology) were awarded a 3-year, multi-institutional National Science Foundation grant, with Eric Kirby (OSU) and Kevin Furlong (Penn State), to study geologic deformation in the Klamath Mountains. This research addresses both mountain building (long term deformation) and crustal strain associated with megathrust earthquakes (short term deformation). Principal investigators and students will partner with Hoopa Valley Elementary School’s 6th grade teachers for research-related activities and field trips for HVES 6th graders. HSU was awarded $158,636 to support graduate and undergraduate students, 6th grade teachers, supplies, and analyses.

Week of: Aug 19, 2018

Faculty Kerri J. Malloy, Native American Studies

Kerri J. Malloy, Lecturer in Native American Studies presented his paper “Marshall, Whitman and Baum: Selections from the American Terminal Narrative” at the “Words that Kill” conference organized by the George and Irina Schaeffer Center for Study of Genocide, Human Rights and Conflict Prevention at the American University of Paris (May 28-30) in Paris, France.

Faculty Seafha Ramos, Wildlife

Seafha Ramos, Research Associate and Lecturer in the Wildlife Department, published an article, “Considerations for culturally sensitive Traditional Ecological Knowledge research in wildlife conservation”. The paper will be included in the June 2018 issue of the peer-reviewed journal, the Wildlife Society Bulletin.

Student Students in GEOG 300 and GEOG 301; Dr. Laura Johnson, Geography

Over the last year, students in GEOG 300, Global Awareness, and GEOG 301, Int’l Environmental Issues and Globalization, published papers on public blogs under the instruction of Dr. Laura Johnson.

Students in GEOG 300 created an ‘Encyclopedia of Objects of Concern,’ in which they creatively examined how seemingly mundane, ordinary objects connect people, places, and beings across the globe. Check it out here:

And in GEOG 301, students collectively developed case studies of resistance, re-imagining, and re-building, collaborating to probe innovative movements, organizations, and frameworks. Check it out here:

Faculty Emily Cobb, Art

Emily Cobb attended and participated in the “Digital Meets Handmade” symposium in New York City on May 16th-18th. The symposium was organized by the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy. She presented her paper abstract “Sleight of Hand: Digital Influence on Contemporary Jewelry Education” and was a member of the panel that discussed “Has CAD gone Bad?”

Staff Michael Le, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Michael Le, Research Associate in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is an invited panelist and presenter at the 58th annual conference for the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) held May 28 to June 1, 2018, in Orlando, FL. Michael won the Best Presentation Award at the 2017 California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference which comes with a $2,000 travel grant and automatic inclusion in the AIR Forum schedule. The Forum is the world’s largest gathering of higher education professionals in institutional research, effectiveness, assessment, planning and related fields. Learn more at:

Week of: Aug 05, 2018

Staff Bethany Rizzardi and three CSU Chief Information Officers, Information Technology Services

Bethany Rizzardi (Interim CIO), Hilary Baker (CSU Northridge), Dr. Christine Miller (CSU Sacramento), and Tosha Pham (Cal State LA) presented “Room at the Top: Cultivating Gender Diversity in IT Leadership” at the 2018 CSU Tech Conference (July 30-Aug 2) in Sacramento, CA.

Staff Dr. Brian Mistler, Bethany Rizzardi, Student Health & Wellbeing / Information Technology Services

Dr. Brian Mistler (Student Health & Wellbeing) and Bethany Rizzardi (Information Technology Services) presented “Supporting Gender Non-Conforming Students: Psychological and Technological Considerations in Working with Chosen Names and Pronouns” at the 2018 CSU Tech Conference (July 30-Aug 2) in Sacramento, CA.

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