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Week of: May 17, 2020

Faculty Jared D. Larson, Politics

Dr. Larson, who in addition to teaching in the Politics Department at HSU is also a non-resident research associate at the Instituto Galego de Análise e Documentación Internacional (, in Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain, contributed to IGADI’s report. His piece, translated as “Contaminated Liberal Democracy: Questioning the Model,” can be read in Galician here:

Week of: May 10, 2020

Faculty Bori Mazzag, Kamila Larripa, Viri Macias, Megan Johnson, Ana Sammel and Emma Villegas, Mathematics

Bori Mazzag and Kamila Larripa each received a CSU PUMP grant to mentor students in mathematical research for the 2020/2021 academic year. Mazzag will investigate calcium dynamics using differential equations and graph theory with Viri Macias and Megan Johnson, and Larripa will model the interaction between Sars-CoV-2 and the host’s immune system, working with Ana Sammel and Emma Villegas.

Faculty Garrett Purchio, Library

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Librarian Garrett Purchio gave a presentation titled “Rising to the Challenges of Being A First-Generation College Student: A Librarian-Faculty Partnership to Promote Student Success” at the LOEX Conference, held online May 5-8.

Faculty Steven Railsback, Bret Harvey, Mathematics

Steven Railsback (adjunct faculty, Mathematics) and Bret Harvey (adjunct, Fisheries Biology) just published the book “Modeling Populations of Adaptive Individuals”, volume 63 in the prestigious Princeton Monographs in Population Biology series. The book presents a new kind of theory for adaptive behavior of individual organisms (e.g., when and where to forage, considering both growth and predation risk) that works in complex individual-based population models. The book builds on HSU’s long tradition in individual-based ecological modeling.

Week of: May 03, 2020

Faculty Kamila Larripa, Mathematics

Kamila Larripa coauthored the paper “A Tutorial Review of Mathematical Techniques for Quantifying Tumor Heterogeneity” which was accepted for publication. The work considers intra-tumor and inter-patient heterogeneity and mathematical models for precision medicine. It will appear in Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering.

Student Charlin Duff, Skye Gibney, Eric Malekos, Mathematics

Charlin Duff, Skye Gibney and Eric Malekos received an Honorable Mention for their participation in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling. Their project used mathematical modeling to make policy suggestions with the goal of mitigating the detrimental effect of plastic waste on the environment.

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