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Week of: Apr 28, 2019

Faculty James Floss, Communication

James Floss, in AY 18-19 studied undocumented immigrant experiences locally, within the state of California, and internationally. The stories, originally published on KHSU are now available through NPR One. The guests were from Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Columbia, El Salvador and the United States. Some were undocumented, some were legal residents, one was a newly minted citizen and one was deported two days after being recorded.

Faculty Andrew Stubblefield with Co -PI Genevieve Marchand, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Received USDA Multicultural Scholars Award to provide outdoor leadership training and scholarships to Forestry Students ($162,000)

Faculty David Baston, Susan Marshall, & Lucy Kerhoulas, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Received Agricultural Research Institute Grant to study Phytophthora ($60,518).

Student Kevin Soland, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Presented poster at HSU’s INRSEP/CNRS Scientific Research Symposium: Physiology, growth, and immediate response to thinning in a second-growth redwood forest.

Student Gabriel Goff, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Selected to represent HSU at the CSU Research Competition with his investigation of conifer encroachment in northern California oak woodlands

Faculty Erin Kelly & Lucy Kerhoulas, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Principal Investigators for Save the Redwoods League’s Redwoods Rising Apprenticeship Program ($174,430).

Faculty Lucy Kerhoulas, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Received an RSCA Award to purchase a cavitation chamber for measuring tree drought resistance

Student Susan Edinger Marshall, Joseph Seney (lecturer), Students: Nic Anderson, Tiffany Perez, Miles Ritch, Alexandra Urban, Daniel Guzman, Monica Pina, Forestry & Wildland Resources

HSU participated for the first time in the Collegiate Soil Contest hosted by CalPoly SLO. Overall the HSU Team placed 19th out of 26 teams nationwide, but ranked #1 among teams from the 11 western states; higher than Land Grant Institutions such as Colorado State, Utah State, and University of Wyoming.

Faculty Jeffrey Kane, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Became a member of the Northwest Scientific Association’s Board of Directors

Faculty Tim Bean (co-authors Laura Prugh, Nicolas Deguines, Joshua Grinath, Katherine Suding, Robert Stafford, and Justin Brashares), Wildlife

Published paper in Nature Climate Change “Winners and losers in response to extreme drought”

Student Thomas Starkey-Owens, Environmental Science & Management

ESM graduate student Thomas Starkey-Owens presented a poster: “Benthic macroinvertebrate drift and juvenile Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) diet response to pulse flows on the Trinity River below Lewiston Dam” at the 2019 Salmonid Restoration Conference in Santa Rosa, CA on April 25th.

Student Katherine Stonecypher, Environmental Science & Management

ESM undergraduate Katherine Stonecypher presented a poster: “Assessing Salmonid Migration Risk Using the Riffle Crest Thalweg” at the 2019 Salmonid Restoration Conference in Santa Rosa, CA on April 25th.

Student Melissa Collin and Sean Fleming, Environmental Science & Management

Environmental Science & Management undergraduates Melissa Collin and Sean Fleming presented, “Modeling Flows in Northwest California Watersheds with VELMA – 2.0” at the 2019 Salmonid Restoration Conference in Santa Rosa on April 26th.

Faculty Dr. Young Sub Kwon, faculty, and students, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration

HSU was recognized as one of 139 universities/colleges worldwide by Exercise is Medicine® for its efforts to create a culture of wellness on campus. A leadership team of Kinesiology faculty and students helped earn the bronze-level designation by launching a daily walk/run 5K program on campus for faculty, staff, and students over a 10-week period this semester. Goals included promoting physical activity as a vital sign of health and making movement a part of the daily campus culture. More than 40 students, staff, and faculty participated. All gold, silver and bronze universities/colleges will be recognized on May 29 at the 2019 Exercise is Medicine World Congress.

Week of: Apr 21, 2019

Faculty Armeda C. Reitzel, Communication

Armeda Reitzel has been selected to serve as the Midwestern Culture subject area chair of the Midwest Popular Culture Association.

Faculty Tyler Ladinsky, Harvey Kelsey, Melanie Michalak, Geology

Tyler Ladinsky (MS ’12), Harvey Kelsey and Melanie Michalak were awarded a one year grant through the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program to conduct a paleoseismic investigation on the Little Salmon Fault in Humboldt County. Their proposal, “In Southern Cascadia, Do Upper-Plate Faults Rupture in Concert with Subduction Zone Earthquakes: A Paleoseismic Investigation of the Little Salmon Fault Zone” is a collaborative effort between HSU faculty and students, the California Geological Survey, and United States Geological Survey to evaluate the chronology and style of earthquakes on the Little Salmon Fault in context of the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Student Collegiate Soil Judgers, Rangeland Resource Science, Environmental Science & Management

HSU Collegiate Soil Judgers Place #1 in 11 western states (overall 19th out of 26).

HSU’s first National Collegiate Soil Contest team traveled to San Luis Obispo last week for four days of practice pits, followed by two days of individual and team competition among 26 universities in attendance. HSU team members included Nic Anderson (RRS), Daniel Guzman (ESM), Tiffany Perez (RRS), Miles Ritch (RRS), Monica Piña (RRS), and Alex Urban (ESM) and was co-coached by Joe Seney and Susan Edinger Marshall. Judging consisted of morphology, soil profile characteristics, site characteristics, soil classification, and land use interpretations. While host team Cal Poly San Luis Obispo did not compete, HSU outperformed land grant universities such as Utah State, Colorado State, and University of Wyoming. Humboldt State’s Wildland Soils option (under the Rangeland Resource Science major) qualifies graduates as federally qualified Soil Scientists.

Student Clare O'Connell, Biological Sciences

Received a grant from Friends of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

Week of: Apr 14, 2019

Student Club Mary Carlquist, Devon Michels, Anna Davis, and Issac Henderson, Wildlife

The HSU Wildlife Conclave team placed second in the The Wildlife Society’s Northeast Student Conclave Wildlife Quiz Bowl, in Portland, ME, in a close final with SUNY-ESF.

Student Cara Appel (former grad student), Pairsa Belamaric (current grad student) and Tim Bean, Wildlife

Published paper in Journal of Mammalogy “Seasonal resource acquisition strategies of a facultative specialist herbivore at the edge of its range”

Student Stella Yuan, Biological Sciences

Received grant from American Society of Mammalogist Grant-in-Aid of Research Grant

Student Caroline Martorano, Jeffrey Kane, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Presented a paper entitled “Long-term effectiveness of fuel reduction treatments in oak and chaparral stands of northern California” at the 90th annual conference of the Northwest Scientific Association in Lewisonton, ID.

Faculty Jeffrey Kane, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Presented a paper entitled “Effectiveness and impacts of girdling treatments in a conifer-encroached Oregon white oak woodland” at the 90th annual conference of the Northwest Scientific Association in Lewisonton, ID.

Faculty Mihai Tomescu (with A. Elgorriaga, I.H. Escapa, G.W. Rothwell, N.R. Cuneo), Biological Sciences

Published paper “Origin of Equisetum: Evolution of horsetails (Equisetales) within the major euphyllophyte clade Sphenopsida”

Student Ivy Widick (former grad student) and Tim Bean (advisor), Wildlife

Published paper in Diversity and Distributions: “Evaluating current and future range limits of an endangered keystone rodent (Dipodomys ingens)”

Student Steffen Peterson with co-authors Daniel Barton, Jared Duquette, and Micaela Gunther, Wildlife

Wildlife Graduate student Steffen Peterson presented a paper “Using spatially explicit capture-recapture techniques to determine black bear (Ursus americanus) density and space-use in an arid mountain ecosystem” at The Western Section of the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting in Yosemite, CA.

Student Jade Morning Sky Little, Daniel Barton, Shannon Brinkman, Claire Nasr, Wildlife

Presented paper “Pelagic cormorant nesting success and oceanic conditions in northern California” at The Western Section of the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting in Yosemite, CA

Student Claire Nasr, Wildlife

Wildlife Graduate Student Claire Nasr Presented paper “Measuring relative disturbance risk to marine wildlife in northern California” at Pacific Seabird Group Annual Meeting, Kauai, HI.

Student Adam Mohr, Wildlife

Wildlife Graduate Student Adam Mohr presented talk at The Western Section of the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting in Yosemite, CA, “Tule elk habitat selection in the Carrizo Plains Region”

Student Jackson Stillman ('19), Physics & Astronomy

Jackson Stillman was granted a travel award by the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Gravitational Physics to present his research on “Progress on Short-range Tests of Gravity at Humboldt State University” at the 2019 APS April Meeting in Denver, CO April 11-16.

Faculty C.D. Hoyle, Physics & Astronomy

Presented research on “A New Multi-mode Apparatus to Determine G” and “Progress on Short-range Tests of Gravity at Humboldt State University” at the 2019 American Physical Society April Meeting in Denver, CO April 11-16.

Faculty Robert Gearheart, Environmental Science & Management

Robert Gearheart was awarded a National Wetlands Award for Science Research. The ceremony will be in Washington DC in May.

Faculty Armeda C. Reitzel, Communication

Armeda Reitzel presented her paper titled “Voices of Fayetteville, Arkansas: Down-home Stories with a Touch of Hollywood Pizzazz” at the Popular Culture Association conference in Washington, DC on April 17, 2019. This paper was based on research that she conducted during her sabbatical leave spring semester 2018.

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