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Week of: Apr 02, 2017

Faculty James Floss, Communication

James Floss, Lecturer in the Communication Department, served on a panel for The Northern Humboldt Union High School District’s Career Frontiers Program, in partnership with College of the Redwoods, the Decade of Difference Initiative, and Humboldt State University, who invited local high school students and their parents to a series of college information panels. He answered their questions and shared insights and perspectives about the differences between high school and college, along with his expectations for being successful in college. He also provided testimony from 25 of his current freshmen students on the rigors of being a college student.

Student Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Philips and Phil Santos, Communication

HSU students Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) Philips and Phil Santos advanced to the top 16 at the U.S. Universities Western Regional Debate Championships held March 24-26 at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma WA.

USUW as it is called brought over 60 debating pairs representing 20 schools from Arkansas to Hawaii, from UCLA in Southern California to the University of British Columbia in B.C. Canada. Lizzie and Phil advanced to the quarterfinal round (the top 16) where they lost a close debate about whether or not the EU should pursue protectionist economic policies with the UK post “Brexit.” The tournament is touted as a regional preview of the National Championships which the team will be attending next week.

Faculty C.D. Hoyle, Physics & Astronomy

Prof. C.D. Hoyle was awarded $55,000 as part of a larger $600,000 collaborative National Science Foundation grant in conjunction with Syracuse University and IUPUI. The project will establish a new experiment that will measure the gravitational constant, G, with unprecedented precision and will attempt to resolve the discrepancies between recent measurements. The funds will mainly support HSU students who will do research during the summer at IUPUI and play a substantial role in establishing the new experiment. More information can be found here:

Faculty Bill Trush, Environmental Science & Management

Congratulations to Bill Trush, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Environmental Science & Management and Co-Director of the HSU River Institute for receiving the “Golden Pipe” award from the Salmonid Restoration Federation at their recent annual meeting in Davis, CA. The Golden Pipe is an award for innovators in the salmon restoration field.

Faculty Kerri J. Malloy, Native American Studies

Kerri J. Malloy, Lecturer in Native American Studies, presented his paper Tuluwat: From Apology to Support at the Emerging Expertise: Holding Accountability Accountable conference (April 6-9, 2017) at the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. The conference brought together a diverse array of early career scholars, lawyers, policymakers, and NGO Staff to work on issues germane to the aftermath of mass violence to generate novel ideas about past cases and contemporary ones. Participants explored “accountability” as a theoretical concept, methodological concern, moral principle, legal demand, and a form of ethical engagement.

Student Mindi Curran, Tim Bailey, Geology

MSc (Environmental Systems-Geology) students Mindi Curran and Tim Bailey presented their work at the annual Salmonid Restoration Federation Conference in Davis, CA on March 30-April 2. This year’s theme was “Restoring Watersheds and Rebuilding Salmon Runs.” Both Curran and Bailey were invited to give oral presentations in the “Using Photogrammetric and Aerial Vehicle Technology to Support Salmonid Restoration Planning and Engineering” topical session, which was aimed to teach specific tools to researchers using high resolution imagery to quantify aspects of stream habitat.

Faculty Cutcha Risling Baldy, Native American Studies

Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy published two articles.

“We Fight for the Land, The Earth, Everything: From Bears Ears to the High Country of California” was published in an edited collection “Edge of Morning: Native Voices Speak for Bears Ears.” A copy of this book was sent to members of Congress to support making Bears Ears a national monument.

“Water Is Life: The Flower Dance Ceremony” was published in the 30th Anniversary Edition of News From Native California Magazine. This article explores the connection between Native women and water.

Both articles can be found on Dr. Risling Baldy’s website:

Faculty Marissa Mourer, University Library

Librarian Marissa Mourer was selected to serve as a panel presenter at the national Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) conference in Baltimore, MD, March 2017, which convenes every two years. Marissa shared her original project, “Library Brain Booth” during the panel entitled, “Transforming Academic Libraries into Centers for Wellness, Relaxation, and Contemplation.”

Week of: Mar 26, 2017

Student Leticia Sanchez and Karl Gareth Jones Oman, International Studies

Congratulations to Leticia Sanchez an International Studies major with a concentration in Global Culture and Karl Gareth Jones Oman, an Environmental Resources Major, who have both been selected to receive the Spring 2017 HSU Global Ambassadors Fund award.

The purpose of this award is to support full-time HSU students seeking to study abroad anywhere in the world for at least a semester and to cover costs not readily paid from other sources. For those aiming to study abroad in Spring 2018, details of the application process are available at:

The next deadline will be: October 2, 2017.

Faculty Erin Kelly, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Erin Kelly, Assistant Professor in Forestry, was awarded the Educator of the Year by the California Forestry Association. She received the award at the annual CFA gathering in Napa, California on March 2.

Dr. Kelly also joined the Forest Policy Committee for the Society of American Foresters (SAF), the largest professional society for foresters in the United States. The Forest Policy Committee has 10 members representing academia, industry, and non-profit organizations; members met in Washington, DC from March 6-7 to recommend federal policy priorities for SAF staff and board members to relay to federal legislators and agencies.

Faculty Hunter H. Fine, Communication

Hunter Fine was invited to present communication scholarship on two panels at the Central States Communication Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 2017:

“The Cultural Practice of Riding Waves: Deconstructing Performances of Empire and Resistance.” Contributed paper presentation “Framing: Dimensions of Culture, Identity, Media and Power” in the Intercultural Communication Interest Group.

Contributed position presentation “Community Policing—How Communication Education, Training and Theory can help Create Better Relationships among Law Enforcement and the Community” in the Intercultural Communication Interest Group.

Week of: Mar 19, 2017

Faculty Stephen Cunha, Geography

Geographer Stephen Cunha’s Perestroika to Parkland: The Evolution of Land Protection in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan, appears in Annals of the American Association of Geographers 107:2. In a span of twenty-four years a perestroika-inspired citizen and government coalition created one of the largest protected areas in the Palearctic Realm. The national park and World Heritage Site represents a significant milestone in the global movement that began in Yosemite to protect landscapes for the use and enjoyment of all people. See:

Faculty Steve Martin, Environmental Science & Management

Steve Martin had a peer-reviewed article titled ‘Real and Potential Influences of Information Technology on Outdoor Recreation and Wilderness Experiences and Management’ published in the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration.

Student Keith Parker, Fisheries Biology

The Switzer Foundation Environmental Fellowship flew HSU graduate researcher Keith Parker to Washington DC where he met with Senator Kamala Harris’ staff (Mar 13) and Congressman Jared Huffman’s staff (Mar 14). The subjects were Klamath River restoration and the 2016 Klamath Power and Facilities Agreement dam removal timeline. Keith spoke from the perspective of a Yurok tribal member living on the river merged with his thesis work in the Klamath basin. Klamath River environmental justice issues of blue-green algae blooms, health quarantines, fish kills, low water flows, and other issues disproportionately impact California’s three largest tribes in the basin.

Faculty Leena Dallasheh, History

Dr. Dallasheh was invited to present a paper at Cornell University. Entitled “Between Nation and State: Nazareth’s Palestinian Citizens’ legal Strategies in Israel,” the paper was presented, despite the storm. It was also streamed and can be watched at:

Faculty Matthew Derrick, Geography

Matthew Derrick received a Title VIII Fellowship to study the Kazakh/Kyrgyz language at the Central Eurasian Studies Summer Institute (CESSI) this summer at the University of Wisconsin.

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