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Week of: Feb 13, 2011

Faculty Richard Arlin (Doc) Stull, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration

Doc Stull’s Sports Today and in the Day Show on ESPN Sports Talk Radio 1340 AM every day at 7:55 AM and again during the day.

Sports Today and in the Day – A highly entertaining and informative cultural commentary on the world of sport. From baseball to boxing, from the athlete of the future to the those in ancient Greece, from steroids to Sparta, Sports Today and in the Day shows us the past is truly prologue!

Week of: Feb 06, 2011

Staff Kellie Jo Brown, Marketing & Communications

Campus Photographer Kellie Jo Brown was recently named a silver medalist for the CASE District VII Photographer of the Year competition. She will be honored at an Awards Luncheon held in conjunction with the CASE District VII Conference on Friday March 4, 2011 in Los Angeles.

CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) District VII annually recognizes excellence in the District. The Awards of Excellence recognize the best practices in alumni relations, fundraising, public/government relations, advancement services, special events and outstanding communications.

Faculty William Wood, Chemistry

On February 9, William Wood, HSU Chemical Ecologist gave a lecture to the California Native Plant Society: titled “Chemicals – the Language of Plants.” This talk covered how plants use chemical to “talk to other plants.” It also covered many of the toxic compounds plants make to keep from being eaten. Humans now use many of these toxic plant compounds as modern medicinal drugs.

Faculty Psychology Department Graduate Students and Faculty, Psychology

The HSU School Psychology Program received national approval from the National Association of School Psychologists through December 2015.

Faculty submitted a folio describing the program, containing comprehensive data regarding graduate student outcomes including scores on the ETS national licensing exam, practica and internship performance, and a comprehensive and culminating portfolio.

This approval means that HSU meets the highest national standards for training sub-doctoral school psychologists, and can compete nationally for top graduate students. It also means that HSU graduates automatically qualify for their credential as a nationally certified school psychologist upon graduation.

Week of: Jan 30, 2011

Staff Faculty: James Floss. Staff: Pamela Lyall, Rebecca Kalal, Peggy Metzger, Clint Rebik, Multiple (Communications/Library/Admissions/FinAid/Registrar)

Staff and Faculty lend their voices to raise $10,000!

James Floss (Communications), Pamela Lyall (Library), Peggy Metzger (Financial Aid), Rebecca Kalal (Admissions) and Clint Rebik (Registrar) recently raised $10,000 for a local arts organization during “The Road to ZOUNDS-ibar” live radio show.

Described as “Prairie Home Companion collides with Saturday Night Live in a Humboldt County twist” the original show was written in part by Floss, Metzger, and Rebik, and featured zany characters, songs, and sketches created by the ensemble.

The show is available as a podcast from the KHUM website. Link:

Faculty Lori Dengler, Geology

Lori Dengler represented the United States at the 7th International Workshop on Coastal Disaster Prevention, held January 26 – 28 in Tokyo Japan and presented a paper “Building Tsunami-Resilient Communities in the United States”.

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