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Week of: Jan 20, 2019

Staff Michele Miyamoto, Jessica Citti, Arianna Thobaben, Jasmine Nunley, Lorraine Casazza, Maxine Mota, & Su Karl, Learning Center

The Learning Center was recently granted International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). The certification qualifies the Learning Center’s training program to grant participants an internationally-recognized tutor credential.

Student Shelbie Ann Christensen (student) and Robert W. Zoellner (faculty), Chemistry

Publication: Shelbie A. Christensen and Robert W. Zoellner; “Chemistry with a Capital Z: The superheavy elements. Oganesson: Superheavy element 118: A review”; The Hexagon of Alpha Chi Sigma 2018, 109(4), 51-53,61.

Faculty Mihai Tomescu (with co-author Andrew Groover - USDA-FS & University of California Davis), Biological Sciences

Invited paper in the Tansley Review series published by the journal New Phytologist: “Mosaic modularity: an updated perspective and research agenda for the evolution of vascular cambial growth”

Faculty Daniel Barton, Wildlife

Invited Presentation at the Shamir Research Institute, University of Haifa, Qatsrin, Israel entitled “Apparent Competition, Hyperpredation, and Spillover in Ecological Restoration: The tales of two lupines and a fish”

Faculty Sherrene Bogle, Computer Science

Certificate of Merit for the paper entitled “Classfiers for Predicting Undergraduate Computer Science Performance” presented at the 2018 International Conference of Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering in London, U.K.

Faculty Kerry Byrne, Environmental Science & Management

Invited Presentation at the Northern California Botanist Symposium: “Restoring a population of Applegate’s milkvetch (Astragalus applegatei): lessons learned for conservation”

Faculty Claire Till (Chemistry faculty); Jessica Solomon (Environmental Sciences graduate), Chemistry

Publication in the journal Limnology and Oceanography.

Faculty Kamila Larripa, Mathematics

Published paper in Journal of Theoretical Biology: Methods for determining key components in a mathematical model for tumor–immune dynamics in multiple myeloma.

Faculty Lonny Grafman, Environmental Resources Engineering

Published “An Analysis of Recycling High Density Polyethylene with Limited Resources” in the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Vol 13 No. 2.

Faculty Mihai Tomescu, Biological Sciences

Paper presented at the national meeting of the Botanical Society of America in Rochester, Minnesota: “Fossil plants at the intersection of evo-devo and phylogeny: celebrating the contributions of Gar W. Rothwell to biodiversity and evolution”

Faculty Amy Sprowles,

“A Bridge to the future for stem cell students” highlights HSU STEM alumni.

Faculty Pamela H Bowers, Social Work

Asst. Professor Pamela H. Bowers was recently appointed as Co-Chair of the “Teaching Methods and Learning Styles” Track for the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) for a 3-year term.

Appointment is listed here:

Faculty Kamila Larripa, Mathematics

Kamila Larripa was accepted to the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics’s Collaborative Workshop in Mathematical Biology at UCLA.

Student Ruby Aguirre, Katelyn Harris, Molly Rose Hilgenberg, Melody Soper, Social Work

MSW students Ruby Aguirre, Katelyn Harris, Molly Rose Hilgenberg, and Melody Soper had a literature review published in Contemporary Social Work.

The review was written for the SW 582 class taught by Social Work Professor Pam Bowers and it was recently accepted in this journal:


Abstract – Sex trafficking is a pervasive threat across the globe and all fifty states of the United States, especially for underage female youth. However, there is a dearth of literature and awareness in domestic rural areas. Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking that threatens all communities, including rural areas. This extended literature review looks closely at recent studies, and the grey literature to garner a better understanding of the implications for rural social work practice. The review concludes with recommendations and implications for future research, policy, and practice.

Week of: Jan 13, 2019

Student John Veit, Sociology

John Veit (SOC MA 2018) published a book reviewed in High Times of “Where There’s Smoke: The Environmental Science, Public Policy, and Politics of Marijuana (University of Kansas Press 2018, which featured two chapters written by Dr. Silvaggio and one by Sociology lecturer Karen August.

Faculty Anthony Silvaggio, Sociology

Dr. Anthony Silvaggio presented his research on the environmental impacts of cannabis in Vienna, Austria on December 8, 2018. Silvaggio opened a two-day conference on cannabis sustainability sponsored by FAAAT (For Alternative Approaches to Addiction, Think & do tank). The conference followed the 61st meeting of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs at the United Nations Vienna headquarters. His presentations was featured in High Time Magazine in an article written by a recent HSU Sociology MA graduate Jon Veit.

Staff Kim Vincent-Layton, Center for Teaching and Learning

Keynote Presentation, “Canvas and the World: Inspire, Innovate, Impact” at CSU Fresno Technology, Innovations, and Pedagogy Conference, January 2018

Faculty Cindy Moyer, Karen Davy, Sherry Hanson, Garrick Woods, Music

On Friday, January 11, the Arcata Bay String Quartet (Cindy Moyer and Karen Davy, violins; Sherry Hanson, viola; and Garrick Woods, cello) performed quartets by Franz Joseph Haydn, Robert Schumman, and Claude Debussy on the Redding Performing Arts Society Concert Series. Their trip to Redding also included performances for music students at Sequoia Middle School and University Preparatory School.

Faculty Jeff Dunk, Environmental Science & Management

Jeff Dunk and 17 co-authors (9 of whom were HSU alumni or faculty) published a peer-reviewed paper in PLOS ONE ( The paper summarizes the use of modern conservation planning applied to the northern spotted owl’s critical habitat designation process.

Week of: Jan 06, 2019

Faculty Mark Colwell, Katie Raby, Lizzie Feucht, Wildlife

Mark Colwell, Katie Raby and Lizzie Feucht published a paper in Wader Study (, an international journal dedicated to shorebird ecology and conservation. Their paper summarizes the efficiency of plovers breeding at various locations in Humboldt County over the past 18 years, with the aim of improving conservation and management practices.

Faculty Alison Holmes, International Studies

Based on her current research project, International Studies Program Leader Alison Holmes published an open letter on the USC Center for Public Diplomacy blog to the new governor on the day of his inauguration about the need for a ‘new globalism’ for California ( It was was picked up and republished by the Pacific Council (

Student Brandie Wilson, Sociology

2018 HSU Distinguished Alumni Awardee, Brandie Wilson,(SOC BA 2009; SOC MA 2011) was recognized in New York Times as a memorable person of the year.

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