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Week of: Oct 11, 2020

Faculty Kerri J. Malloy, Native American Studies

Kerri J. Malloy, Lecturer, Native American Studies, has been named a Public Fellow in Religion and the American West at the New-York Historical Society. During this two-year fellowship he will conduct research on the role of religion and spirituality in the history of 19th century U.S. westward expansion focusing on the Indian Shaker Church in the Pacific Northwest. The fellowship is funded by the Henry Luce Foundation to support emerging scholars in Religious Studies and History whose work complements the N-YHS exhibit Acts of Faith: Religion and the American West. He will share his research at the exhibits opening in the Fall of 2022.

Faculty Heather Ballinger, Economics

School of Education lecturer and Secondary Education Program Leader, Heather Ballinger, successfully passed her qualifying exams at UC Davis where she is earning her doctoral degree in education. She research focuses on clinical fieldwork and the student teaching experience in schools for K-12 teacher candidates.

Student INRSEP/LSAMP students, INRSEP

The following students will be presenting the results of their summer research at the SACNAS conference next week: Stephen Galindo (Geology) mentor Dr. Meagan Gonnea USGS; Caleb Sandoval (Wildlife) mentor Janene Lichtenberg, Salish Kootenai College; Cody Henrikson (Marine Biology) with Clair Windecker and mentor Dr. Sean Craig; Alexis Hernandez (Marine Biology)with Floyd Clark (Environmental Science & Management)and mentor Dr. Jim Graham and Dr. Nievita Bueno Watts; Madison Lalica (Botany) mentor Dr. Mihai Tomescu; Joshua Maldonado (Physics & Astronomy) mentor Dr. Ruth Saunders; Christian Trujillo (Environmental Science & Management) mentor Dr. Catherine Bowman, Arizona State University

Faculty Oscar Vargas, Biological Sciences

Oscar Vargas, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences, published a paper in the journal Evolution:“Patterns of speciation are similar across mountainous and lowland regions for a Neotropical plant radiation (Costaceae: Costus)”

Faculty Marshelle Thobaben, Nursing

Marshelle Thobaben, Professor Emerita, published, “People of Turkish Heritage”, in Textbook for Transcultural Health Care: A Population Approach, Editors: Larry D. Purnell and Eric A. Fenkl, Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2021.

Week of: Oct 04, 2020

Faculty Joshua Frye, Communication

Joshua Frye, Professor of Communication, was recently featured on a panel of experts from universities across the US to provide career guidance for recent college graduates in the Communication field. The career advise website Zippia was founded in 2015 by bringing together experts in technology, marketing, and engineering passionate about providing customized tools and resources to help improve career outcomes. Zippia has been featured in outlets such as Forbes and the New York Times. Frye was featured in an article titled, “Job Market Trends for Recent Grads” and can be found on Zippia’s expert opinion page:

Faculty Kaitlin Reed, Native American Studies

Kaitlin Reed, Assistant Professor, Native American Studies, published her paper “We Are a Part of the Land and the Land Is Us”: Settler Colonialism & Genocide in California” in the Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

Faculty Sara K. Sterner, Education

Sara K. Sterner created and facilitated a Workshop on October 6 for the Minnesota Writing Project Teacher Workshop series. The workshop entitled, White Supremacy in Reading Practices: Exploring Reading Whitely through a Reading Inventory, explored dominant reading experiences through a guided process of self-reflection and discussion. Participants engaged in conversations about texts and white supremacy as a means to promote equity-based literature selection practices that disrupt white supremacy.

Week of: Sep 27, 2020

Faculty Kerri J. Malloy, Native American Studies

Kerri J. Malloy, Native American Studies presented his paper “Tuluwat: Remembrance, Reconciliation, and Restitution at the Center of the World,” at the The 7th Global Conference on Genocide sponsored by the International Network of Genocide Scholars(virtually)on October 3, 2020.

Faculty Chris Aberson, Psychology

Chris Aberson, Professor of Psychology was recently named Associate Editor of Collabra Psychology. Collabra is an official publication of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science. Collabra, published by the University of California Press, is open access and committed to open and transparent science. Dr. Aberson has been HSU faculty since 2000. He primarily teaches statistics and research methodology. His research focuses on intergroup contact, implicit bias, statistical power (including power for complex designs such as multiple regression and mediation), how the Smiths are better than the Cure, and interactive tutorials for teaching core statistical concepts.

Faculty Kamila Larripa, Mathematics

Kamila Larripa and co-authors had their paper accepted to the Journal of Theoretical Biology. The paper is entitled “Bifurcation and sensitivity analysis reveal key drivers of multistability in a model of macrophage polarization” and investigates how a specific immune cell responds to cytokine signals.

Faculty Josh Meisel, Ronnie Swartz, and Whitney Ogle, Sociology

Drs. Dominic Corva (HIIMR), Josh Meisel (Sociology), Whitney Ogle (Kinesiology and Recreation Management), and Ronnie Swartz (Social Work) gave presentations on “Using Cannabis Data to Improve Public Health and Promote Social Equity” as part of a Data Fair hosted by the Inter-Consortium for Political Social Research on September 24. Their presentations can be viewed at

Faculty Dr. Laura Levy, Geology

Dr. Laura Levy, in collaboration with 11 co-authors, published “Multi-phased deglaciation of south and southeast Greenland controlled by climate and topographic setting” in the journal Quaternary Science Reviews. This comprehensive study tracked the timing of retreat of the Greenland Ice Sheet since the last ice age in an area of Greenland that is especially sensitive to climate change.

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