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Week of: Jan 28, 2018

Student Club Student Veterans Association, Student Veterans Association

The HSU Student Veterans Association was awarded $2,000 from the national SVA organization to cover travel costs to the SVA national convention in San Antonio, Texas. The club will be sharing photos, videos, and live broadcasts for the entirety
of the trip and the conference in an effort to recruit more students and benefit the community.

Student Grace Ghrist, Fisheries Biology

Fisheries graduate student Grace Ghrist was awarded the Council on Ocean Affairs, Science & Technology (COAST) Graduate Student Research Award. This award will support Grace’s research looking at how freshwater habitat use affects marine survival of threatened coho salmon.

Week of: Jan 21, 2018

Faculty John W. Powell, Philosophy

Prof. John Powell, Philosophy, will present an invited paper 28 March in San Diego at the North American Wittgenstein Society’s session of the Pacific Division American Philosophical Association. The paper aims to clarify the issue of whether language is conventional and sides with Heraclitus in claiming the currently widely-endorsed conventionalism is baseless and empty and supported by a tissue of begged questions. The paper also surveys stakes involved for current accounts of language as signs. with a fair amount of name-dropping. A draft will be posted to the APA Pacific Division Program website.

Faculty Rosemary Sherriff, Geography

Rosemary Sherriff, Geography faculty and chair, has two new publications in disturbance ecology. (1) A co-authored article on bark beetle impacts on socio-ecological systems in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (January 2018, volume 16, doi: 10.1002/fee.1754). (2) A co-authored chapter on deciphering the complexity of historical fire regimes in the co-edited book: Dendroecology: Tree-ring Analyses Applied to Ecological Studies (2017, doi:

Faculty Mark Colwell Allison Patrick, Wildlife

Mark Colwell and Allie Patrick published a (Dec 2017) paper in Wader Study, an international journal dedicated to the ecology and conservation of shorebirds. Their work summarized a 12-year dataset on breeding Snowy Plovers in Humboldt County and showed that plovers nest in loose aggregations, especially when population size increase.

Week of: Jan 14, 2018

Student Monique Silva Crossman, Environmental Science & Management

ESM graduate student Monique Silva Crossman was awarded the Council on Ocean Affairs, Science & Technology (COAST) Graduate Student Research Award. This award will support Monique’s research that explores the effects of manual and mechanical Ammophila arenaria removal techniques on coastal dune plant communities and dune morphology.

Student Lara Jansen, Environmental Science & Management

ESM graduate student Lara Jansen was awarded the Council on Ocean Affairs, Science & Technology (COAST) Graduate Student Research Award. This award will support Lara’s research that explores the effects of dam-regulated flow on primary and secondary productivity in the upper Eel River.

Student Andrea Robinson, Social Work

Andrea Robinson, the Department of Social Work SWSA (Social Work Student Association) President, was spotlighted this month by the National Association of Social Workers California chapter. Read an interview with Andrea by following this link:

Student Chelsea Teale, Amy Rock, Geography

With the help of the Center for Community Based Learning, Drs. Chelsea Teale and Amy Rock of the Geography Department facilitated lesson planning and school pairings for 50 students as part of Geography Awareness Week (November 13-17). Groups of future educators enrolled in GEOG 470, Geography for Teachers, took giant floor maps into nine K-12 schools to conduct interactive lessons including a “tour” of indigenous lands in Humboldt County, California’s climate and weather, Coronado’s quest for gold in the Southwest, the American Revolution, and the European theater of World War II.

Student Keith Parker, Fisheries Biology

Graduate student Keith Parker was selected by the National Science Foundation, Graduate Research Internship Program as an intern scientist with NOAA Fisheries, Salmon Ecology Lab. He was concurrently awarded an internship with the EPA, which was declined. The internship begins this month and will compliment his current genetic work under the NSF GRFP at HSU.

Faculty Renée M. Byrd, Sociology

Dr. Renée M. Byrd, Assistant Professor of Sociology, has a new peer-reviewed journal article out in Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics. Titled ‘Prison Treated Me Way Better Than You’: Reentry, Perplexity and the Naturalization of Mass Imprisonment, the article can be read at:

Faculty Leslie Rossman, Communication

Leslie Rossman presented at the National Communication Association convention in Dallas TX, November 15-19. Presentations included:

A paper in the first Communication, Economics, and Society preconference titled: “When Neoliberal Discourse Takes a Material Turn Through the Performances of Labor.”

A paper at the titled: “The Labor of Neoliberalism is all a Performance: Working to Find Security in the State of Insecurity Through the Discipline of Production”

And finally, Rossman was involved in a symposium titled: “The Legacy of Intersectional Feminism in The Classroom: Teaching Gender and Communication in Trump’s America.”

Faculty Leena Dallasheh, History

Leena Dallasheh, Department of History, was invited to present a paper entitled “Here We Stay: Palestinians under the Military Regime.” (Hebrew) at a conference on Israel in the First Decade: Socio-Historical Research. The conference was held at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on January 1, 2018.

Faculty Mark Colwell, Lizzie Feucht, Nora Papian, Jeremy Pohlman, Katelyn Raby, Wildlife

HSU hosted the annual recovery meeting for the Western Snowy Plover, held in the Native American Forum, 10 & 11 January 2018. HSU alumnus Dr. Luke Eberhart-Phillips of the Max Planck Institute, Germany delivered the keynote lecture, which was a comparative examination of plover demography and breeding systems. Colwell, Feucht, and Papian also presented their work.

Faculty Joshua Frye, Communication

Joshua Frye recently published a peer-reviewed journal article in the KB Journal. The KB journal is the journal of the Kenneth Burke Society and is an online scholarly journal dedicated to the study of 20th Century rhetorical theorist and critic Kenneth Burke. Frye’s article examines the ascendent rhetoric of the transhumanist movement. In particular, the essay critiques transhumanism’s teleological assumption of a technological utopia and the profound political implications for its entelechy of human-machine convergence. The article can be accessed at

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