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Week of: Mar 22, 2015

Student Barbara Klessig, Anthropology

Master’s student Barbara Klessig, and Dr. Isabella von Holstein with Christian Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany will be co-chairing a round table discussion at this year’s EAA conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The session, titled “Integrating Textiles Studies into Mainstream Archaeology/Anthropology Curriculum” brings archaeologists, educators and researchers together to address the lack of textiles studies at the university level and how to better integrate them into the teaching of archaeology and anthropology at universities. Discussion will explore the teaching of textile studies, use of experimental archaeology & making textiles studies relevant.

Student Joao Paulo De Sordi Curti, Haley du Bois, Nathan A. Graham, Jairo Luque Villanueva, Sylvia Nicovich and Madelinn Schriver,  

The Office of Research, Economic and Community Development’s Planning Committee for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities has selected six outstanding student researchers to represent HSU at the 29th Annual California State University Student Research Competition. The annual statewide competition brings outstanding student researchers from the 23 CSU campuses to compete for research awards in discipline-based categories. Following a competitive review of applications, the students selected to represent HSU at CSU San Bernardino May 1-2 are:

Joao Paulo De Sordi Curti, Undergraduate in Forestry & Wildland Resources, “Virtual Interpretive Forest Recreation Project”; faculty advisor – John-Pascal Berrill, Professor, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Haley du Bois, Undergraduate in Biological Sciences, “Dissecting the Role of MAPK Signaling in the Tumor Promoting Properties of Lethal Giant Larvae 1 (Lgl1) in Primary Neural Progenitor/Stem Cells”; faculty advisor – Amy Sprowles, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Nathan A. Graham, Undergraduate in Geology, “Determining Magma Mixing Duration and Dynamics Through Analysis of Reaction Rims on Olivine Crystals in Natural Samples of Black Dacite From the 1915 Eruption of Lassen Peak, CA”; faculty advisor – Brandon Browne, Lecturer, Geology

Jairo Luque Villanueva, Undergraduate in Environmental Resources Engineering, “Forward Osmosis-Direct Contact Membrane Distillation Sewer Mining Waste to Resource System”; faculty advisor – Andrea Achilli, Assistant Professor, Environmental Resources Engineering

Sylvia Nicovich, Graduate candidate in Geology, “Latest Pleistocene to Holocene River Terrace Deformation within the Southeastern Extent of the Little Salmon Fault Zone: Geomorphic Insights to Fault Termination and Rupture History, Van Duzen River, Northern California”; faculty advisor – Mark Hemphill-Haley, Professor and Chair, Geology

Madelinn Schriver, Graduate candidate in Forestry and Wildland Resources, “Establishment and Growth Patterns of Oregon White Oak and California Black Oak Woodlands in Northwestern California”; faculty advisor – Rosemary Sherriff, Associate Professor and Chair, Geography

These students will serve as exemplars of how student research is produced, supported, and promoted at HSU and compete based on their written summaries and oral presentations of their research.

Student Ivan de Soto, Paradise Martinez Graff, Geography

Students Ivan de Soto and Paradise Martinez Graff have been chosen to attend the California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education at Sonoma State on April 18-20, where they’ll learn about the challenges and opportunities of pursuing grad school. They also received a competitive CAHSS research award to attend the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment Conference in Idaho in June with ENST Program Leader Sarah Jaquette Ray, where they’ll be participating in “Latin@ Environmentalisms: A Pedagogy Workshop.” Ivan has also been elected co-director of CCAT.

Faculty Business Internship Program, Business

HSU’s Business Internship program will be honored at the Arcata Economic Development Corporation’s Spotlight on Success event Tuesday, March 31 at the Arcata Theater Lounge. The free event includes an opportunity to learn about small businesses that the local economy, and organizations that provide business support to local entrepreneurs.

Student Social Work Student Association, Social Work

The HSU Social Work Student Association (SWSA) recently participated in the 32nd annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake “Jungle Bowl” event, which took place March 6-7, 2015 at Harbor Lanes in Eureka.

The SWSA was one of 134 funding teams and raised $650 (of the $100,000 raised at the event this year) that will go to help with the year’s operating costs at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast.

Disguised as bananas, the SWSA also won a trophy for costumes and enthusiasm.

Week of: Mar 15, 2015

Faculty John Meyer, Politics

Politics Professor John Meyer’s book, “Engaging the Everyday: Environmental Social Criticism and the Resonance Dilemma,” has been published by MIT Press.

In the book, he argues that an environmental agenda that emerges from everyday concerns would resonate more deeply with ordinary citizens.He will be giving a talk based on the book as part of the Sustainable Futures speaker series, Thursday, April 9th, 5:30pm, BSS 166.

Faculty William Wood, Chemistry

An article titled, The Western Thatching Ant, his photographs, and artworks were published in the Spring 2015 issue [Volume 34(1): 6-7] of Dunesberry, a publication of Friends of the Dunes. The western thatching ant (Formica obscuripes) gets its name from the mound of plant material at the top of its nests. In Humboldt County coastal areas, these ants are keystone species and have a large effect on its coastal dune environment. Wood has previously published research on the formic acid defensive spray of this ant.

Student Andrew Bryant, Matt Prendergast, Andrew Longman, Christina Cortez, Tyler Hanson, Kathleen Dondero, Alicia Goodman, Henry Ayres, and Ariel De Lara, Forestry & Wildland Resources

The HSU Range Plant Identification Team competed in the 2015 Society for Range Management plant identification exam located in Sacramento, Calif., in February. The competition involves the sight identification of 200 grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees to species. The HSU Plant Team placed 6th out of 23 schools hailing from Canada, Mexico and United States. The University of Alberta placed first, followed by Texas A&M;, Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro, Utah State University, Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua, and HSU, respectively. Advanced Rangeland Plants (RRS 475) prepares students for the annual exam and in preparation for related field work.

Week of: Mar 08, 2015

Student Sophia Gang-Halvorsen, Social Work

Social Work student Sophia Gang-Halvorsen has won the HSU Book of the Year Essay Award. The writing contest celebrates the HSU/CR Book of the Year, “War Dances” by Sherman Alexie. Sophia explains, “My writing piece is a series of haikus that speak of Indigenous People in an environment that has been drastically altered over time. This destruction has changed the balance of nature’s gifts to life for indigenous people in their upriver homes of spirituality and physicality. The salmon is a community member struggling for survival today.” To view her award winning piece, please visit:

Faculty Darren Ward and Molly Gorman, Fisheries Biology

Fisheries Biology Professor Darren Ward has received a 2015 Special Focus Award from California Sea Grant to study state and federally endangered Coho salmon. Ward will work with graduate student Molly Gorman to track the fate of large numbers of juveniles who disappear.

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