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Week of: Feb 14, 2016

Faculty Hunter Fine, Communication

Published a chapter in a book titled “Postmodern Theory and Hip-Hop Cultural Discourse.” Ed. Kathleen Roberts. Communication Theory and Millennial Popular Culture: Essays and Applications. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2016.

Faculty Rosemary Sherriff, Geography

A study by Rosemary Sherriff, Associate Professor and Chair Geography Department, was recently highlighted in an article on PLOS, a nonprofit open access scientific publishing project. Read the full text at

Week of: Feb 07, 2016

Student Andrew Slack, Nicholas Zeibig-Kichas, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Andrew Slack, a graduate student, Nicholas Zeibig-Kichas, an undergraduate student, and Dr. Jeff Kane recently published an article in Forest Ecology and Management entitled “Contingent resistance in longleaf pine (Pinus paulustris) growth and defense 10 years following smoldering fires”.

Faculty Steve Martin, Environmental Science & Management

Dr. Martin has received the U.S. Forest Service Chief’s 2015 National Award for Excellence in Wilderness Stewardship Research.

The award committee provided the following statement about Professor Martin’s award:
Dr. Martin has collaborated with the Leopold Institute, as well as Forest Service and National Park Service units in the Sierra Nevada, to support management and planning decisions by employing science in a diversity of areas including: bear-proof containers and visitor safety, the use of technology in wilderness by visitors, quota decisions based on visitor travel simulation and visitor attitudes about intervention to adapt to climate change, and ecological restoration to fix problems caused by past human behavior. He remains focused on management solutions applied to wilderness stewardship issues relevant across the National Wilderness Preservation System.

Faculty Armeda Reitzel, Communication

The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) will be conducting their fourth Assignment Charrette on Saturday, February 20, 2016 in New Orleans, La. Dr. Armeda Reitzel is one of the faculty members selected to participate in this event. She will engage in a collaborative assignment-design process with 40 or so faculty members chosen from across the country and from a myriad of disciplines.

Week of: Jan 31, 2016

Staff Michael Le, Institutional Research and Planning

Le’s presentation at the 2015 CAIR Conference, “Visual Analytics: Exposing the Past, Understanding the Present, and Looking to the Future,” was selected as the most outstanding example of a significant contribution to the practice and understanding of institutional research. Le has been invited do his presentation at to the 2016 Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Forum, which will take place from May 29 to June 3, 2016, in New Orleans, Louisiana. AIR is the world’s largest professional organization for institutional researchers.

Faculty Robert W. Zoellner, Annette A. Tabares, and Essene L. Waters, Chemistry

Chemistry Professor Robert Zollner and two of his undergraduate students, Annette A. Tabares and Essene L. Waters, and have recently published the results of our research in the peer-reviewed journal Heteroatom Chemistry. The complete citation for the article is as follows: Annette A. Tabares, Essene L. Waters, Robert W. Zoellner; “Beryllepin, C6H6Be, and ‘beryllium-inserted benzenes,‘C6H6Ben, n = 2-6: A density functional investigation”; Heteroatom Chemistry 27(1), 37-43 (2016).

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