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Week of: Sep 07, 2014

Faculty Wildlife Department, Wildlife

The Oregon Zoo Foundation has awarded Humboldt State’s Wildlife Department $3,984 to investigate the den-attendance of fishers and the potential impacts of timber harvest on fisher den ecology. The grant is part of the Future for Wildlife program, which protects threatened and endangered species and their ecosystems.

Faculty Marissa O’Neill and Debbie Gonzalez, Social Work

Social Work Professors Marissa O’Neill and Debbie Gonzalez presented their co-authored research project, “Tribal and Non-tribal Agencies: A Comparison of how Social Work with Families is Conceptualized in the United States,” at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development ( held in Melbourne, Australia this July. The conference attracted over 1500 social work and social development practitioners, researchers, and educators from all over the world.

Professor O’Neill and Gonzalez’ scholarship was presented alongside the work of members from the ‘University of the Arctic- Thematic Network on Social Work’ (, an international research collaborative consisting of 18 nations with a focus on social work with families.

Student Crystal Cardenas, Andrew Harter, Michael Ross, and C.D. Hoyle, Physics & Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy majors Crystal Cardenas, Andrew C. Harter (‘14), and Michael P. Ross published a peer-reviewed paper titled “Experimental Progress on Tests of Gravity at 20 microns” in the Proceedings of the National Conference of Undergraduate Research 2014. The paper describes research done in the Gravitational Research Laboratory, led by Professor C.D. Hoyle.

Faculty Sing C. Chew, Sociology

Sociology Professor Emeritus Sing C. Chew recently published an article, “The Southeast Asian Connection in the First Eurasian World Economy 200BC-AD500,” in the “Journal of Globalization Studies,” Vol. 5 #1 2014:82-109. A book chapter will also appear in Michael Pearson (ed.), Trade, Circulation and Flows in the Indian Ocean World, New York: Palgrave -Macmillan (in press)

Week of: Aug 31, 2014

Faculty Luke Eberhart-Phillips, Brian Hudgens, Mark Colwell, Wildlife

Former graduate student Luke Eberhart-Phillips, Brian Hudgens (adjunct faculty) and Mark Colwell co-authored a paper on the dynamics of the Snowy Plover population that breeds along the U.S. Pacific coast. The plover is listed as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Colwell has been studying the local population with his students for 15 years.

Staff John Hokman, Marine Facilities

John Hokman, a retired staff member who served as an engineer on HSU’s research vessel, was awarded the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Larry Peabody award for his 46 years of volunteer services with local search and rescue efforts. Hokman has assisted on more than 1,500 missions.

Faculty Cyndy Phillips and Peter Jain, English

English instructor Cyndy Phillips and her fiancé, Peter Jain (‘89) have published a collection of photography and poetry titled “Let the Dance Begin: Greetings From Humboldt.” The book will be released at Northtown Books during the Sept. 12 Arts! Arcata event.

Faculty William F. Wood, Chemistry

Professor William Wood made a Science Café presentation “Why are Mushrooms Toxic?” at this month’s “Science on Tap” night at Blondie’s. Science Cafés are events that take place in casual settings such as pubs and coffeehouses, are open to everyone, and feature an engaging conversation with a scientist about a particular topic, according to organizers. Chris Harmon (Chemistry Department) is the organizer for this year’s Science On Tap presentations.

Week of: Aug 24, 2014

Faculty Lori Dengler, Geology

Lori Dengler is the co-editor and contributor to the 2nd edition of UNESCO’s International Tsunami Survey Team (ITST) Post-Tsunami Survey Field Guide. For more, visit

Faculty Steve Martin, Rob Van Kirk, Kai Ross, Mark Douglas, Environmental Science & Management

Environmental Science & Management Professor Steve Martin and Emeritus Math Professor Rob Van Kirk, along with their graduate students Mark Douglas and Kai Ross, have published a paper in the ‘Journal of Park and Recreation Administration’ titled “Computer Simulation Modeling to Determine Trailhead Quotas for Overnight Wilderness Visitor Use.” The paper presents the results of a study done for the National Park Service in Yosemite National Park. Both Douglas and Ross have gone on to Ph.D. programs.

Faculty Jianmin Zhong, Andre H. Kurlovs, Jinze Li and Du Cheng, Biological Sciences

Biological sciences faculty member Jianmin Zhong and students recently published a paper in the scientific journal PLOS ONE examining Rickettsia, antibiotics and ticks. Andre H. Kurlovs, Jinze Li and Du Cheng were co-authors. The paper is titled “Ixodes pacificus Ticks Maintain Embryogenesis and Egg Hatching after Antibiotic Treatment of Rickettsia Endosymbiont.”

Student Facilities, Humboldt State University

Humboldt State recently made “Sierra” magazine’s list of most environmentally responsible schools in the country. The eighth annual ranking, compiled by the Sierra Club’s magazine, includes schools that lead the way in green programs and initiatives.

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