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Week of: Oct 21, 2018

Cortney Koors Chemistry

Save the date for the free Outstanding Professor lecture in KBR on 11/8 at 5:00pm. The talk is titled A Research Career of Sweeping up around the Edges.

Robert W. Zoellner, Department of Chemistry, Outstanding Professor Award recipient, uses his passion for teaching to support the success of students at Humboldt State. During his 19-year career at HSU, Zoellner has had significant and lasting effects on students. Described as an incredible mentor for undergraduate students, Zoellner has co-authored peer-reviewed publications with more than 30 undergraduate students, an opportunity that helps them find jobs and graduate school acceptance after graduation. Zoellner has served as the department chair of both Chemistry and Physics & Astronomy. He was elected to the University Faculty Personnel Committee, the Professional Leave Committee, the Faculty Senate, and the Standards and Criteria for Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee. His dedication to his profession is evident in his efforts as a reviewer for seven journals, a textbook publisher, and the Petroleum Research Fund. Zoellner’s performan ce in the areas of teaching, research and creative activities, and service has increased student success in chemistry courses and created research opportunities for students. One student wrote that Zoellner helps students “to not only better understand chemistry, but also the world in which we live,” and that he is “incredible at bringing out the beauty of chemistry.”

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