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Week of: Nov 04, 2018

Lumberjack Debaters Make a Strong Showing in Tournament Communication

The Humboldt State Debate kicked off its season earlier this month with a two-day tournament at Dominican University in San Rafael, California.

Eighteen Lumberjack debaters (including eight novices) and two student judges participated in six preliminary rounds of debate between Saturday and Sunday. Each competitor spent 90 minutes in preparation and 42 minutes speaking across over five hours of debate. Topics included identity politics, affirmative action, social media and its relation to Democracy, the formation of a military Space Force, and more.

Of the eight teams that advanced to the semi-final rounds, two were from Humboldt State. Communication seniors Noe Araiza and Matthew Eisendrath and team secretary Fabian Cuevas together with his partner Kyle Marshall (who transferred this year from Los Medanos Community College to debate for Humboldt State) competed against Berkeley, the University of Utah, and the Claremont Colleges for a chance to advance to the final. Unfortunately, both teams dropped in the semi-final but their finish marks the first “break” for all four students and the first time HSU has advanced two teams into out rounds at once in at least the last four years. The tournament was won by the University of Utah.

Up next is Seattle University at the end of this month, and students are already talking up practices and research meetings between now and then. The students had fun, made new friends, learned a great deal, and represented our campus well.

We are always recruiting! Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9:30 p.m. in SH117 and are always open to the public so send students or just come check us out and support your #RedwoodDebate team. 

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