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Week of: Aug 30, 2015

Studio 424 - Arts Alive 9/5 - ‘Water Wrackets’ Collaborative Work by Benjamin Funke and Gabrielle Go Art

_Water Wrackets_ is a suite of photographic prints and digital film by Benjamin Funke and Gabrielle Gopinath. The digital short Water Wrackets is a remake of a short film of the same name, directed in 1975 by British filmmaker Peter Greenaway. Musician Cooper Crain collaborated with the artists to create a trance-like soundtrack for this 30-minute meditation on water. The montage of rippling water starts out naturalistic before gradually becoming more and more obviously manipulated via digital editing software. Water’s elemental essence is subsumed by its role as a vehicle for cultural signifiers.

According to UK blog Fluid Radio: “rippling bass brooks, infinitesimal chord cascades, percussive pools and acoustic currents ebb and flow into a system of tonal tributaries and rhythm rivulets that converge to a form a delta of retrospective delight … Despite the complexity and sophistication of Water Wrackets, it is very easy to listen to and enjoy these polyphonic and timbral integrations.”

_Water Wrackets_ recently arrived in Humboldt after four years of being on the road.  It has been previously shown at Johalla Projects in Chicago, the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, the South Bend Museum of Art and the University of Notre Dame.  After the exhibit at Gallery 424 it will be on long-term loan to the Humboldt State University Library, where it will be installed in a silent study room. 

Still images are printed at 30 x 40” and framed in native silver maple frames. The film and its soundtrack are available as a vinyl LP/DVD set.

The exhibit opens at Studio 424 on Sept. 5.  Contact gallery for hours. 
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