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Week of: Feb 19, 2017

Aubrey Psychology

Dr. Matthew Callahan: As part of a Colloquium Series called Psych Talks presented by SOAR (Scholars of Academic Research), Dr. Matthew Callahan, a professor from Sonoma State University, will be discussing research on perceptions and reactions to transgender women and men in public restrooms, including the extent to which essentialism and trait aggression exacerbate these reactions.

The talk, titled Nowhere to go: Perceptions of Transgender Women and Men in Restrooms, is related to the controversial “Bathroom Bills” being introduced around the country.

The event is next Friday, March 3 at noon in BSS 166. There will also be snacks and refreshments starting at 11:30 am outside of BSS 166.

Please email SOAR club President Natasha La Vogue, with any questions and visit the website, for information regarding upcoming Psych Talks.

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