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Week of: Apr 02, 2017

Maurine Nicholson Forestry & Wildland Resources

Schatz Seminar Series

Jason Teraoka
A double HSU Forestry alum (BS 2001, MS 2004)
Forester – Redwood National Park
Thursday April 27th @ 5 pm, NR 101

“From Passive Management to Chainsaws,
Drip Torches & Feller Bunchers: A 40-Year Retrospective on Forest Restoration at Redwood National Park”

For more than 40-years, Redwood National Park has worked to establish a Forest Restoration Program to rehabilitate its impaired, second-growth forests
that are characterized with deficient redwood composition, low floral diversity, poor wildlife habitat, and low potential for stand differentiation.

There have been several studies in the Park to increase the efficacy of silvicultural treatments in forest restoration. This talk will outline the Park’s history of using
silviculture as a restoration tool, which began in 1978 after the Park’s expansion.

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