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Week of: Nov 19, 2017

Applications Sought for 32nd Annual CSU Student Research Competition Office of Research, Economic & Community Development

The Humboldt State Office of Research, Economic & Community Development is encouraging students to participate in the 2018 CSU Student Research Competition.

Students must submit a written summary of their research or creative presentations to the Office of Research by Monday, February 5, 2018. If selected, students will compete at CSU Sacramento on May 4 or 5, 2018.

HSU hopes to advance 10 students to the statewide competition, and is looking for competitive applications. The Office of Research will reimburse approved travel costs for each student selected to represent HSU at the state level.

For competition rules, see:

Direct all questions to Susan Brater at (707) 826-5165 or .

Week of: Nov 05, 2017

C.D. Hoyle Physics & Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy Department Seminar
Dr. Noah Fitch
“Smaller, Weaker, Slower: How the Unassuming Ultracold Molecule is Taking Over the World”
Wednesday, 15 November, 5-6 PM, Sci A 475

Dr. Noah Fitch received his BS in Physics from HSU in 2006. He went on to receive his PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2014, and is currently in a post-doctoral position at Imperial College, London.

Recent advances in creating and manipulating ultracold molecules are finally realizing many long standing goals of atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics.  This work is motivated by a myriad of potential applications across many of the sub-disciplines of the physical sciences, including searching for new forces and physics beyond the Standard Model, understanding and controlling collisions and chemical reactions at the quantum level, and quantum simulation and computation.  Such applications are made possible by the unique characteristics of molecules and their long-range and anisotropic interactions with each other as well as applied electromagnetic fields.  In this talk, I will discuss why we are so interested in ultracold molecules, outline some the most striking experimental applications, and highlight the difficulties faced by researchers seeking to produce and control them.  In this context, I will describe my own recent work, including the first ever demonstration of laser cooling molecules to ultracold temperatures.

Week of: Oct 22, 2017

Peter Blickensderfer Theatre, Film & Dance

The Humboldt Intl’ Film Fest Presents:

Thriller Throwback Night
Nov. 2nd 8:30 pm
The Minor Theater, Arcata

We’re pulling out international short films from our 50 year old archive. These films will be sure to give you the chills. $5 at the door. 

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