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Week of: Jan 24, 2016

Library Hosts Book of the Year Film Series University Library

The HSU Book of the Year Committee is pleased to announce the Book of the Year Film Series titled Klamath Film Fridays.

Three screenings will take place in the Library’s Fishbowl (Room 209) this semester, followed by a Q & A and a brief discussion about the cultural, environmental, and political impacts on the Klamath River. 

This film series ties in with “Through the Eyes of Native Tribes: Stories of the Klamath River” on display in HSU’s Goudi’ni Gallery (January 28 through February 20).  This series is hosted by HSU Library, the Klamath Connection, and the Native American Studies Department.

On February 5, “Battle for the Klamath” will be screened.  This 2006 documentary focuses on the intense battle over fish, water and conflicting ways of life, between upstream farmers on one side and downstream Native American tribes, commercial fisherman and environmentalists on the other.  Prof. Marlon Sherman from Native American Studies will facilitate the discussion afterward.

On March 25, “A River Between Us” will be screened. Balancing the sheer beauty of the river’s surface with its underlying ills of injustice and inequality, the film focuses on the personal stories of a group of individuals who finally chose to put the past behind then and came together to create a historic water rights compromise for the good of all. Q & A and a discussion to follow in the evening.
6 – 8 pm, Native Forum
Q & A and a discussion with Craig Tucker, Natural Resources Policy Advocate for the Karuk Tribe and Frankie Meyers, Yurok tribal member, and Klamath Justice Coalition.

On April 29, “Return of the River” will be screened. This film is about the Elwha River in Washington State. This film captures the tenacity of individuals who would not give up on a river, mirroring the tenacity of salmon headed upstream to spawn. Kerri Malloy from Native American Studies will facilitate the discussion afterward.

More info online at the University Library website.

Week of: Jan 10, 2016

Torie L. Mather Business

The Humboldt Business Confidence Report has been updated based on feedback from the Community, please see link below.

Week of: Jan 03, 2016

Godwit Days Illustration Art

HSU Drawing & Illustration faculty member Assistant Professor Brandice Guerra provided the illustration for the 2016 Godwit Days. Guerra’s illustration of a godwit appears in the annual events promotional materials, viewable online at

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