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Week of: Nov 11, 2018

Faculty Stephen Jenkins, Religious Studies

Professor Stephen Jenkins gave three presentations in Thailand and Singapore this month: “How the West Misunderstood Buddhism and the Implications for Contemporary Buddhist Cultures,” Mahachula Buddhist University, Wat Suan Doc, Chiang Mai; “On the Deep Roots of Pure land Buddhism in the Early Pāli Texts,” Yale/National University of Singapore; and “Deities and Divine Birth in Buddhism,” [Three day Seminar], Mahidol University, Bangkok.

Faculty Alison Holmes, International Studies

International Studies Program Leader, Alison Holmes, attended an invitational transatlantic leadership network conference in Seattle WA called the British American Project. She was recognized for her service on both sides of the Atlantic since her first conference in 1996 as the only member to have served on both sides – as chair of the UK and a member of the US Executive.

Faculty Joshua Frye, Leslie Rossman, Communication

Joshua J. Frye was on the Convention Planning Team for the 104th annual National Communication Association held November 7-11 in Salt Lake City, Utah. With the help of his colleague Dr. Kristen Blinne from SUNY, Joshua coordinated a full week of programming consisting of over 15 sessions, Chaired 3 sessions himself, and along with colleague Dr. Leslie Rossman (Communication, HSU) presented work in progress during a virtual food seminar on social media influencers who are Instagram foodies.

Faculty Vincent Biondo, Religious Studies

Associate Professor Vincent Biondo travelled to Toronto to present the paper “Faith and History: The Legacy of Wilfred Cantwell Smith for the 21st Century,” at the 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Student Isabel N. Contreras, Jenna Bader, Patricia DuRant, Lonny Grafman, Environmental Resources Engineering

Peer-reviewed journal article published in the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering (Vol 13 No 2).

“An Analysis of Recycling High Density Polyethylene with Limited Resources”

Week of: Nov 04, 2018

Staff Arianna Thobaben, Su Karl, Learning Center

Presented at the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) Conference in October 2018. They presented “The Power of Professional Development: Using Make it Stick to Expand the Reach of Your Center” after using concepts in the book for a number of professional development events at HSU.

Faculty Brian Tissot, Biological Sciences

Brian was elected as the President of the Western Society of Naturalists for 2019.

Faculty Jared D. Larson, Politics

Via his position as research associate with the Instituto Galego de Análise e Documentación Internacional (, based in Pontevedra (Galicia), Spain, Jared commented on the midterm election results in the U.S. live on Bos Días, a morning news program produced in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), Spain, on 7 November. His commentary begins at the 36:15 minute mark of this link:

Faculty Maral N. Attallah, Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Maral N. Attallah, Lecturer in Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies, presented research on “Armenian Genocide Denial and Resolution” at the Fifth International Conference on Genocide, held in Sacramento (November 1-3).

Faculty Buddhika Madurappeuma, Forestry & Wildland Resources

Peer-reviewed article published in Remote Sensing Journal (IF 3.41). “Remote Sensing Approach to Detect Burn Severity Risk Zones in Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica”

Student Jim Graham, Melissa Kimble, Environmental Science & Management

Natural Resources graduate student Melissa Kimble and advisor Jim Graham’s peer-reviewed article, “Visualizing Uncertainty in Habitat Suitability Models with HEMI 2”, accepted for publication.

Faculty Hunter Hawkins Fine, Communication

Book Announcement – Surfing, Street Skateboarding, Performance, and Space: On Board Motility


This book examines the cultural, political, and social implications of surfing and street skateboarding by drawing on critical cultural studies, political philosophy, postcolonial studies, urban sociology, and poststructuralist theory to analyze and render everyday performances as critical theoretical gestures.

Please visit and for more information. For a 30% discount, order directly from Lexington Books using code LEX30AUTH18.

Student Monica Pina, Miles Ritch, Nic Anderson, Tiffany Perez, and Daniel Guzman., Forestry & Wildland Resources

HSU Collegiate Soil Contest team placed 2nd in group judging (where all were in one pit) and 3rd in team judging (top four contestants overall).
The contest was held near CalPoly San Luis Obispo on Nov. 3. CalPoly SLO will host the national soil collegiate contest in April. HSU’s team looks forward to competing in this national competition where 20 plus teams from across the United States will compete. The team improved from its first attempt at soil judging last year where it received two third place awards. Cal Poly leads the pack (and actually has the world’s best soil judger on its team), but HSU outperformed Fresno State this year in the group event and was ahead of CSU Chico overall.

Student Kelly Pfeiler, Alexander Bippus, Ashley Kammet, Ashley Ortiz, Mihai Tomescu (with I.H. Escapa), Biological Sciences

Paper presented at 10th European Paleobotany-Palynology Conference in Dublin, Ireland: “Fossils and seed cone morphology in the resolution of phylogenetic relationships among basal Cupressaceae s.l.”

Faculty Mihai Tomescu (with A. Elgorriaga, I.H. Escapa, G.W. Rothwell, N.R. Cuneo), Biological Sciences

Paper presented at 17th Simposio Argentino de Paleobotánica y Palinología, Paraná, Argentina: “Que es Equisetum? Estudio filogenético para el orden Equisetales”

94 in

Faculty Mihai Tomescu, Biological Sciences

Invited blog post on Botany One blog: “Exquisitely preserved tiny fossils are key for understanding moss evolution”

Week of: Oct 28, 2018

Faculty Kerri J. Malloy, Native American Studies

Kerri J. Malloy, Lecturer in Native American Studies, presented his paper “From Intangible to Tangible: Touching the Legacy of Genocide Prevention” at the 5th International Conference on Genocide (November 1-3) at California State University, Sacramento.

Faculty Alison O'Dowd, Environmental Science & Management

ESM Professor Alison O’Dowd gave a presentation, “Freshwater Science in the CSU system” at the annual meeting of the California Chapter of the Society for Freshwater Science in Davis, CA on Oct 24, 2019.

Student Trinity Smith, Wildlife

Graduate student Trinity Smith (in Wildlife) won best student poster at the North American Society for Bat Research (NASBR) conference last week for her poster entitled:
“Patterns of western red bat occupancy across a disturbed landscape in California’s Central Valley”. The conference was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico October 24-27 (

Faculty Genevieve Marchand, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration

Presented research at the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education Research Symposium in Snowbird, UT, research findings concerning place attachment, well being, and participation in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

Faculty Beth Eschenbach, Environmental Resources Engineering

Served as Technical Program Chair for the 2018 Frontiers in Education conference in San Jose California. FIE is a premier international engineering education conference.

Student MS Student Katrina Smith (with D.C. Barton and D.A. Riggs), Wildlife

Presenting a paper “Site selection in a population monitoring program for Townsend’s big-eared bats: Does cave morphology predict abundance of hibernating bats?” at annual meeting of the North American Society for Bat Research, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Student MS Student Justin Demianew (with A. D. Macedo, J. M. Garwood, and D. C. Barton), Wildlife

Presented an invited paper “The high life: Ecology and conservation of montane reptiles” at annual meeting of the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology, Portland, OR

Student MS Student Alyssa Marquez (with L. Diller and D. C. Barton), Wildlife

Presented a paper “Response of headwater amphibians to logging impacts and assessment of restoration potential in Redwood National and State Parks.” at annual meeting of the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology, Portland, OR

Faculty Dan Barton (with P. Capitolo, R. Golightly, H. Carter, and G. McChesney), Wildlife

Presented a paper “Application of auto-regressive state-space models to estimate population trends and observation error from seabird colony counts” at Pacific Seabird Groups’s annual conference in La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Student Shayda Abidi, Alexander Bippus, Mihai Tomescu, Biological Sciences

Paper presented at 10th European Paleobotany-Palynology Conference in Dublin, Ireland: “Early Cretaceous anatomically-preserved Marsileaceae from California (USA) and the evolution of sporocarp morphology”

Student Kelly Matsunaga, Mihai Tomescu, Biological Sciences

Invited chapter in edited volume (“Current Advances in Fern Research”/Springer): “Reciprocal illumination and fossils provide important perspectives in plant evo-devo: examples from auxin in seed-free plants”

Student Kelly Pfeiler, Mihai Tomescu, Biological Sciences

Paper presented at 10th European Paleobotany-Palynology Conference in Dublin, Ireland: “Closing in on the origins of secondary growth in euphyllophytes: are the shared developmental pathways and Devonian record pointing to a single common origin?”

Student Adolfina Savoretti (visiting student from Argentina), Alexander Bippus, Mihai Tomescu (with B. Bomfleur), Biological Sciences

Invited chapter in edited volume (“Transformative Paleobotany”/Elsevier): “Why Are Bryophytes So Rare in the Fossil Record? A Spotlight on Taphonomy and Fossil Preservation”

Faculty Mihai Tomescu (with G.W. Rothwell and I.H. Escapa), Biological Sciences

Peer-reviewed article in American Journal of Botany: “Tree of death: The role of fossils in resolving the overall pattern of plant phylogeny”

Faculty Kerry Byrne, Environmental Science & Management

Kerry Byrne was awarded a research grant of $45,982 from the US Dept of Fish and Wildlife to study Applegat’s milkvetch.

Faculty Kerry Byrne, Environmental Science & Management

Kerry Byrne was awarded funding by the RSCA program for her research project entitled “Experimental Restoration Method for Novel Nitrogen-Enriched Plant Communities at Lanphere Dunes, Arcata, CA.”

Faculty Bill Trush, Environmental Science & Management

Bill Trush presented a talk entitled “Developing Ecological Flow Criteria for the South Fork Eel River” at the annual meeting of the California Chapter of the Society for Freshwater Science in Davis, CA on Oct 24th.

Staff Emily Cooper, Environmental Science & Management

Emily Cooper (HSU River Institute Research Scientist) presented a talk entitled “Quantifying Ecological Risk in the South Fork Eel River” at the annual meeting of the California Chapter of the Society for Freshwater Science in Davis, CA on Oct 24th.

Faculty Alison Holmes, International Studies

Alison Holmes, International Studies Program Leader, presented a conference paper at the New Diplomatic History Network conference at the Roosevelt Institute of American Studies in the Netherlands entitled ‘Nested sovereignties – networked diplomacies: UK-US business negotiating the global state’.

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