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Times-Standard (Sep 2019) - Several Residents Honored as Zero Heroes for Waste Reduction Efforts »

Wildlife Professor Jeff Black among those recognized by Zero Waste Humboldt for their commitment to reducing waste and fighting climate change.

KRCR (Sep 2019) - Bioluminescent Algae Bloom Glows off the Trinidad Coast »

HSU’s Marine Lab took a sample of the substance and determined it was a bloom of “Nocticula,” commonly known as “sea tinkle,” a dinoflagellate.

KCRW (Sep 2019) - Helping Students Cope with Stress Around Climate Change »

85% of news about climate change is negative and alarmist, says Sarah Ray, professor of Environmental Studies.

Los Angeles Times (Sep 2019) - Conservation Group to buy Alder Creek Giant Sequoia Grove and World’s Fifth-largest Tree »

Jim Campbell-Spickler talks about Alder Creek Grove. The world’s largest private holding of the world’s largest trees will be sold to Save the Redwoods League.

Lost Coast Outpost (Sep 2019) - 9/11 First Responders Honored With Morning HSU Stair Climb » Arcata Police Department, Arcata Fire District and other community members made a trip up to Humboldt State University Wednesday morning to commemorate the 18 years that have passed since the September 11 attacks in New York City.
KIEM-TV (Sep 2019) - Humboldt State University Introduces Text Messaging AI HumBot »

With a new chatbot, HSU students have information right on their fingertips.

Hearst (Aug 2019) - Hearst Foundations Present Summer 2019 Grants »

The Hearst Foundations have announced that 81 grants valued at $9,315,000 have been awarded to deserving nonprofit organizations.

Times-Standard (Aug 2019) - Bringing Music to Schools: HSU Piano Club Holding Instrument Drive »

he Humboldt State University Piano Club, with assistance from the Humboldt Light Opera Company, has donated more than 85 violins to several Arcata schools.

Long Reads (Aug 2019) - The Young Man and the Sea Sponge »

SpongeBob SquarePants, created by HSU alumnus Stephen Hillenburg, turned 20 this summer.

BBC (Aug 2019) - How the Views of the few can Determine a Country’s Fate »

Psychology Professor Amber Gaffney says small minorities with a strong view can play a surprisingly large role.

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