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Inside Higher Ed (Jul 2019) - ‘Addressing Homelessness and Housing Insecurity in Higher Education’ »

Social Work Professor Jen Maguire, other professors author a book on college students’ basic needs.

Los Angeles Times (Jul 2019) - Where to Find California’s Moon Trees, Grown from Seeds Taken Aboard an Apollo Mission »

The Apollo 14 carried seeds from different species of trees into space. Those seeds came back to Earth and were given away to Humboldt State and other communities across the U.S.

Wired (Jun 2019) - Blame Utilities for Wildfires, but Blame Everyone Else, too »

“I think we were all caught somewhat unaware about how severe the impacts of climate change have been and how quickly they have manifested,” says Peter Lehman, founding director of HSU’s Schatz Energy Research Center.

Times Standard (May 2019) - ‘New Hope’: New Humboldt State President Talks ‘healing,’ Hearing Students’ Stories »

Tom Jackson Jr. was named the new president of Humboldt State University.

The Washington Post (May 2019) - In The Spring, I Get A Thrill When I See My First Trillium »

Essay mentions Biology Professor Erik Jules’ trillium research.

BBC (May 2019) - How Your Friends Change Your Habits - For Better and Worse »

“The more of your identity you draw from a group, even when you’re not around that group, the more likely you are to uphold those values,” says Psychology Professor Amber Gaffney.

Wired Magazine (May 2019) - This Casino’s Microgrid Might Be The Future Of Energy »

Scientists at HSU’s Schatz Energy Research Center and PG&E to help Blue Lake Rancheria create its own solar-powered microgrid.

Lost Coast Outpost (May 2019) - Photo Collages From HSU Students Blend Historic Images of Humboldt With Contemporary Shots »

Humboldt State University students’ art project called “Humboldt Rephotographed.”

Times Standard (Apr 2019) - ‘Grandfather’ of Natural Treatment Systems: HSU Professor Emeritus To Be Honored With En »

Bob Gearheart, instrumental in creating Arcata Marsh system

Bakersfield.com (Apr 2019) - CSUB President Lynnette Zelezny Looks Back On First Year Of Her ‘dream’ Job »

HSU alumna has served as CSU Bakersfield’s fifth president since July 2018.

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