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Week of: Mar 02, 2014
Coral Sea’s Uncovered History Reveals High Seas Adventures »

During its 40-year existence, Humboldt State’s marine research vessel, the Coral Sea, has seen its share of adventures. It’s been held captive in a foreign port, served as the headquarters for drug smugglers and brought back sunken treasure from the Bahamas. For a while, it was also the home of Mac, the Diving Dog.

Week of: Feb 23, 2014
California Environmental Legacy Project Screens National PBS Film at HSU »

Humboldt State University will host a free public screening of “Becoming California” a public television documentary exploring man’s relationship with the environment 7 p.m. March 8 in the Van Duzer Theatre.

Week of: Feb 16, 2014
Humboldt State Launches Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences »

Humboldt State University has launched an interdisciplinary institute for education and research in the marine and coastal sciences, which will expand understanding of a large and remote section of California coastline.

Week of: Jan 26, 2014
HSU Showcases Groundbreaking Films from California Legacy Project »

Humboldt State University will screen two films produced for the California Environmental Legacy Project—a statewide multimedia initiative designed to raise public awareness about environmental change in California—Feb. 12 at 7 p.m. in the Van Duzer Theatre.

Week of: Dec 15, 2013
A Look Back at Fall 2013 »

Fall 2013 was a big semester for Humboldt State: the university kicked-off its Centennial year with an unforgettable celebration on the Plaza; HSU students, faculty and staff made their mark both on- and off-campus and the university continued to expand its academic offerings with new programs and majors in a variety of disciplines. From student achievements to university milestones, here are some of the highlights of Fall 2013.

Week of: Dec 01, 2013
Cal State Sponsors Student and Faculty Research Competitions »

Biotechnology Research Competition

Research Sheds Light on Elusive Humboldt River Otters »

Recently, a team of HSU researchers used a unique combination of citizen science and genetic sampling to estimate the number of river otters around Humboldt Bay.

Week of: Nov 17, 2013
China-Tibet Field Studies Program Celebrates 12th Year »

“Fenced round with snow, the headland of all rivers, where the mountains are high and the land is pure.”

Though spoken by an anonymous Tibetan poet centuries ago, these words continue to inspire HSU undergraduate students to explore and document the geography of the Tibetan Plateau.

New Stereo Microscope Illuminates Student and Faculty Research »

Humboldt State’s Biology Core Facility has purchased a stereo microscope with fluorescence illumination, an advanced instrument that will better support student and faculty research in the biological sciences.

Week of: Nov 10, 2013
HSU Students Investigate Mysterious Sea Star Disease »

Last spring, a few students in Kathryn McDonald’s Intertidal Ecology class were studying sea stars at Trinidad Bay when something unusual started happening.

Week of: Nov 03, 2013
HSU Named Top School for Fulbright Scholars »

Humboldt State has been named a top school for Fulbright scholars by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Three HSU faculty members received awards in 2013-14, making Humboldt State a leading producer of Fulbright scholars among U.S. master’s institutions.

Week of: Oct 20, 2013
Schatz Lab to Host Biomass Energy Workshop »

Humboldt State University and the University of California will co-host a biomass energy workshop Thursday, November 7 at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center.

Week of: Oct 13, 2013
HSU Students Design Sustainable Energy Facility for Humboldt Bay »

On the bottom floor of Science D, a group of students sat in small groups discussing water turbidity, pH levels, mineral content and energy consumption.

Week of: Oct 06, 2013
Schatz Takes Electric Vehicle Readiness Work Abroad »

Engineers at Humboldt State’s Schatz Lab are expanding their work on electric vehicle readiness to New Delhi, India.

Week of: Sep 15, 2013
HSU Wildlife Instructor: Crows Are Smarter Than You Think »

Crows are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. But just how smart are they? A new study led by wildlife faculty member Barbara Clucas suggests that they can tell when humans are watching them and adapt their behavior accordingly.

Week of: Aug 18, 2013
Newly Discovered Shrew Named After HSU Collections Manager »

In biology, some creatures are simply evolutionary oddities. Take the aardvark, for example, or the duck billed platypus—animals with distinct, unusual features that make them unique in the mammal world.

Week of: Aug 11, 2013
Institute for Student Success Aug. 20 on HSU Campus »

Humboldt State University will host the fourth Institute for Student Success, a one-day professional event for staff, faculty and administration, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 20 on the HSU campus.

HSU Program Enriches Local Science Teachers »

Lucia Boyer picked up the tiny jellyfish with tongs and dunked it into a bath of liquid nitrogen. With the cauldron still smoking and sizzling, she transferred the frozen organism into a freeze dryer, where low temperature and a vacuum would eventually transform the ice directly into gas.

Week of: Aug 04, 2013
HSU Professor Co-Authors New Book on Decolonizing Social Work »

Humboldt State professor Michael Yellow Bird has co-authored a new textbook titled “Decolonizing Social Work.”

Week of: Jul 28, 2013
Schatz Lab Leads Countywide Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Siting Study »

For electric vehicles to take off on the North Coast, Humboldt County would need about 43 charging stations from Orick to Garberville.

Week of: May 19, 2013
Schatz Lab Gains $95K Biomass Research Grant »

The Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University has received a $95,000 state grant to continue experiments aimed at converting biomass—slash from logging and fuel reduction efforts—into energy dense “bio-coal.”

Week of: May 05, 2013
3D Printer Multiplies Student Learning Opportunities »

This semester, students in Patricia DuRant’s engineering dynamics class had the chance to design and build their own robots using wheels, plastic gears and other self-designed parts.

Week of: Apr 28, 2013
Plan ‘Bee’: Grad Student Explores Role of Native Bees »

What role do native bees play in local crop pollination? And should local farmers establish better habitats to support them?

Geography Student Wins National Mapping Award »

Geography student Alina Taalman (’13) has won the Arthur Robinson Award for Best Printed Map in an annual competition hosted by the national Cartography and Geographic Information Society.

Week of: Apr 21, 2013
Campus as a Living Lab Grant Program »

The following was provided by the California State University Chancellor’s Office:

Week of: Apr 14, 2013
HSU Hosts Talk on Cannabis Dispensary Research »

Research findings of medical marijuana dispensaries will be the subject of the last of the spring speaker series of the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research on Monday, April 29, at 5:30 p.m. in the Native American Forum adjoining the Behavioral and Social Sciences Building at Humboldt State University.

Earth Day Forum Probes Marijuana’s Environmental Impact »

Humboldt State University will host its inaugural Earth Day Symposium on Marijuana and the Environment this weekend, centering on a key issue often overlooked in mainstream analysis: marijuana’s environmental effects.

HSU’s Schatz Lab Leads World Solar Foray »

An international agency has adopted a new technical standard led by the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University that harmonizes national quality assurance requirements for solar-powered light-emitting diode devices (LEDs).

Week of: Mar 17, 2013
What Motivates Students to Bike, Walk to Campus? »

We all know the benefits of walking and biking to work or school: improved health, decreased pollution and an increased sense of community. But when it comes time to make the decision to walk or drive, why do so many of us chose the unhealthier alternative?

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