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HSU Welcomes New Staff and Faculty

Humboldt State welcomed more than 100 new tenure-track faculty, temporary faculty, and staff members at the annual Fall Welcome.

The new tenure-line faculty members are, in no particular order:

L-R: Jamie Jensen, Social Work; Libbi Miller, Education; Cutcha Risling Baldy, Native American Studies; Heather Robyn Gough, Social Work
L-R: Brandilynn Villarreal, Psychology; Vincent Biondo, Religious Studies; Michihiro Clark Sugata, Sociology; Swati Srivastavia, Politics
L-R: Stephen Nachtigall, Art; Laura Levy, Geology; Kimberly White (Sperling), Chemistry; Adamou Fode Mode, Computer Science
L-R: Ali Moradi, Environmental Resources Engineering; Francis DeMatteo, Psychology; Tim Miller, Library; Li Qu, Business


L-R: Melissa Hawkins, Biological Sciences; Kerry Byrne, Environmental Science & Management; Jill Pawlowski, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration; Sintana Vergara, Environmental Resources Engineering


L-R: Emily Cobb, Art; Claudia Chavez-Arguelles, Anthropology; Kirby Moss, Journalism & Mass Communication; Whitney Ogle, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration

Not pictured: Susan Bloom, Theatre, Film & Dance

Newly Tenured Faculty

Sheila Alicea, Kinesiology and Recreation Administration
César Abarca, Social Work
Ramona Bell, Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Christine Cass, Oceanography
Sarita Ray Chaudhury, School of Business
Brandice Gonzalez-Guerra, Art
Christopher Harmon, Chemistry
Alison Holmes, International Studies
Jeffrey Kane, Forestry & Wildland Resources
Erin Kelly, Forestry & Wildland Resources
Sangwon Kim, Psychology
Deidre Pike, Journalism & Mass Communication
Laurie Richmond, Environmental Science & Management
Marisol Ruiz, School of Education
Nancy Vizenor, School of Business
Hyun-Kyung You, Child Development

Promotion to Rank of Professor or Librarian

Julia Alderson, Art
Rob Cliver, History
Josh Meisel, Sociology
Daniela Mineva, Music
Justus Ortega, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration
Andrew Stubblefield, Forestry & Wildland Resources
George Wrenn, HSU Library

New Temporary Faculty

David Adams, Lecturer, Kinesiology and Rec. Adm
Lela Annotto-Pemberton, Lecturer, Theatre, Film & Dance
Angela Baker, Lecturer, Wildlife Management
James Barnett, Lecturer, Psychology
Amy Berkowitz, Lecturer, Journalism & Mass Comm.
Garrett Benson, Lecturer, Physics & Astronomy
Shane Calhoun, Counselor, Counseling & Psychological Services
Ian Carey, Lecturer , Art
Ariel Carey-Murray, Lecturer, Psychology
Kyleigh Carlson, Lecturer, Theatre, Film & Dance
Robin Carter, Lecturer, Mathematics
Nicole Conley, Lecturer, Art
Daniel Cordalis, Lecturer, Environmental Science & Mgmt
Angela Darnell, Lecturer, Wildlife
Adam Falk, Lecturer, Mathematics
James Giacalone, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Katherine Gillings, Lecturer, Child Development
Antonia Gorog, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Jacob Greenberg, Lecturer, Chemistry
Geoffrey Hales, Lecturer, Geology
Anne Hartline, Lecturer, English, and Education
Dennis Hernandez, Lecturer, Kinesiology
Benjamin Iberle, Lecturer, Forestry
Tasneem Islam, Lecturer, Chemistry
Teressa Leiker, Lecturer, Child Development
Sela Mador-Haim, Lecturer, Computer Science
Meghan Martinez, Lecturer, Psychology
David McElhattan, Lecturer, Sociology
Stephanie McGrath, Lecturer, Psychology
Kyle McInnis, Lecturer, Music
Archana Mishra, Lecturer, Chemistry
Virgil Moorehead, Lecturer, Child Development
Janice Nelson, Lecturer, Education
Aletris Neils, Lecturer, Wildlife Management
Deborah Nolan, Lecturer, Education
James Ordner, Visiting Faculty, Sociology
Marzanna Pietrowska, Lecturer, Psychology
Heather Plaza, Lecturer, Theatre, Film & Dance
Sean Quincey, Lecturer, Journalism & Mass Comm
Jessica Rismiller Robinson, Lecturer, Psychology
Jennifer Schooley, Lecturer, Psychology
Brittany Sheldon, Lecturer, Art
Kristin Smith, Counseling Intern—Post Masters, Counseling & Psychological Services
Laura Strohm, Lecturer, Business
Thomas Torma, Lecturer, English
Shannen Vong, Counselor, Counseling & Psychological Services
Candace Wase, Lecturer, Child Development
Jacquelyn White, Lecturer, Psychology

New Staff

Abdel Amador, Housing & Residence Life
Juan Anzada, Financial Services
Sulaina Banks, Financial Aid
Sydney Barnes, Dining Services
Wayne Brumfield, Student Affairs
Daniel Capouya, Facilities Management
Mark Carter, Facilities Management
Ravi Chalasani, Information Technology Services
Kristoffer Clark, Facilities Management
Doug Dawes, Administrative Affairs
Bernard Fosnaugh, University Library
Peter Fretwell, KHSU
Susan Glassett Farrelly, College of Extended Education & Global Engagement
Susan Hamblen, Center Activities
Julia Heatherwick, Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services
Cheyenne Hoffman, Office of the Registrar
Ronald Hornidge, Information Technology Services
Reina Hutton, Information Technology Services
Julia Jackson, Information Technology Services
Cheryl Johnson, Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Jesse Kellog, Dining Services
Donyet King, Housing & Residence Life
Brianne Lee, Department of Biological Sciences
Ge-Yao Liu, Center for International Programs
Janessa Lund, Associated Students
Rosa Magana, Facilities Management
Rose McClure, Information Technology Services
Brandon McMillin, Financial Services
Erik Mendes, Housing & Residence Life
Fabiola Mendoza, Dept. of Communication, Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication, and College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Aaron Murphy, Facilities Management
Melinda Murrish, UC Business Office
Kenya Nunley, Retention & Inclusive Student Success
Eric Palma, Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services
Fernando Paz, Latinx Center for Academic Excellence
Courtney Proctor, Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services
Michelle Purnell, Academic & Career Advising Center
Kevin Ralston, Dining & Catering Services
Viengkeo Rattanavong, Facilities Management
Hernan Rico, Housing & Residence Life
Brennen Rose, Student Health & Wellness Services
Jeffrey Schwartz, University Police
Jason Sowerwine, Housing & Residence Life
James Swift, Facilities Management
Benjamin Thomas, Chemistry
Laurel Watson, College of Extended Education & Global Engagement
Rebecca Williams, College of Extended Education & Global Engagement
Wood Rhiannon, Financial Services
David Woods, Contracts, Procurement & Risk Management
Robert Yunker, Information Technology Services