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A Pathway to Better Health Care for Native Americans

Humboldt State University has partnered with the University of Illinois to encourage and support students who study medicine to return to their rural communities and address the health care needs of Native Americans and their communities.

The Rural Medical Education (RMED) Program, located on the University of Illinois Rockford campus, identifies and recruits candidates from rural areas who intend to return to their home communities or serve similar communities. RMED students complete a Rural Health Professions curriculum along with the traditional medical curriculum. This prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to be effective rural health professionals. The RMED program has a 70 percent success rate, the second highest success rate in the country for placing medical doctors in rural communities.

The Native American Pathways Program, the new partnership between HSU and University of Illinois, provides a clear pathway to the medical profession, including four years of education at HSU in preparation for medical school, four years of medical school at the University of Illinois RMED Program, and assistance in finding residency education positions in the Arcata/Eureka area. Up to two students will be selected to participate in the Pathway program each year.

Students recommended under Pathways programs have a 95 percent acceptance rate at RMED. Admitted students pay in-state tuition, and receive individual advising for pursuing grants and scholarships to support completion of the four-year medical degree.

Students at any stage in their college career can apply for the Pathways program. But in the first round of applications ending March 1, 2019, HSU’s College of Natural Resources & Sciences will be seeking third-year students on track to graduate in 2020.

The Native American Pathways Program seeks Native American and non-Native American students. If you are interested in learning more about HSU pre-medical programs, please contact HSU Pre-Medical Advisor and Professor Jianmin Zhong at To apply for the Native American Pathways Program, call the College of Natural Resources & Sciences Dean’s Office at 707.826.3256.