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Double L Consulting to Help Lead HSU Athletics

Jill Willson, along with a team at Double L Consulting, have been appointed to provide leadership for the Athletics Department at Humboldt State University until a new director of athletics is in place.

Double L Consulting is nationally respected for its work in Division II intercollegiate athletics. Willson, who is the firm’s president, will assist with a comprehensive review of HSU operations and conduct a search for a permanent athletic director.

HSU President Tom Jackson, Jr. said Willson brings the right mix of campus experience and national perspective.

“I know there’s a real passion for athletics among many students and in the community, and I’m committed to honoring that,” Jackson says. “Anyone who has had a chance to work with Jill Willson knows how much she cares about student-athletes and how talented she is at helping universities build strong athletic programs.”

Willson and the services provided by Double L Consulting will begin in early August. Sherie Cornish Gordon, who today was appointed HSU’s interim Chief of Staff in the President’s Office, will provide support in the department until then. Gordon has an extensive background in college athletics management.

As president of Double L Consulting, Willson works nationally with Division II athletics, with a focus on community engagement and game environment initiatives. She works for the Division II Membership Committee, assisting schools that are making a transition from NAIA or Division III to Division II. She also works closely with the Governance group and the Division II Festival team, and she previously served on the Division II Management Council.

”Being on campus and immersing ourselves with constituents who interact with the Athletic Department will give us a great opportunity to establish the profile for the next athletic director at Humboldt State,” Willson says.