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From the coasts of Australia to bustling cities in Taiwan, Humboldt State University offers numerous study abroad programs in more than 15 countries for students to expand their higher education experience.

By experiencing different cultures and living in a country with a foreign language, HSU students can become more diverse and well rounded individuals as they prepare for life after college or even graduate school.

“Employers are looking for somebody who can adapt to new realities,” says Megan Mefford, Study Abroad Advisor. “Those that have experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and being able to resolve problems that come up as a result of those different perspectives, that resiliency is really important for any kind of career that our future graduates are pursuing.”

These programs span six continents and have varying durations, from shorter summer programs, to semester and year-long opportunities. The programs can be school-led, bilateral, and third-party-led. Students are able to apply to programs that best cater to their field of study. Many of the international universities HSU partners with have courses in numerous subjects including foreign language, business, international studies, sciences, and much more.

“What people are looking for in their study abroad experiences varies,” says Mefford. “Each program is unique.” Mefford encourages students to think about what is most important to them while finding the right program.

Study abroad programs are more affordable than many would presume. With varying locations and durations, there’s a study abroad opportunity that fits almost any student’s budget. Humboldt State offers a budget sheet where students can strategically plan out their expenses for the prospective trip. Students who receive financial aid are able to meet up with a financial aid advisor to see how much aid can be used toward studying abroad. State University and Cal Grants can be used for some of the bilateral exchange programs. Scholarships are also available.

“There are actually programs that are cheaper, simply because the cost of living, food, and board are cheaper abroad than they are here,” Mefford said. “There are also some more expensive third party providers that provide wonderful curated, subject-specific programs as well as excursions and a lot of other support built in.”

Upon return, all credits that students have earned overseas can be transferred back to Humboldt State as long as they fit the course requirements. The school also provides advice to students on how to deal with reverse culture shock and adapt to their new life back home in the United States, while applying their new skill sets to their everyday life.

Before applying, students must attend an information session held on campus. Two meetings are held on campus weekly on Wednesdays from 11-11:45 a.m. and Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. except Oct. 30, Nov. 20, and Nov. 27.

Some, but not all programs require students to have a junior or senior standing at HSU, as well as a 2.75 GPA minimum. Other study abroad programs require students to obtain a visa that students apply for during the application process. Once students are accepted, enroll in their courses of choice, and obtain their visa and all other necessities to travel, they are ready to go abroad.

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