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Fall 2006 Convocation - Humboldt State Now

Fall 2006 Convocation

Opening Meeting for Faculty and Staff Humboldt State University Thursday, August 17, 2006 8:30 a.m., Van Duzer Theatre

Welcome and Introduction of Invited Guests and Faculty/Staff Rollin C. Richmond

A Moment of Silence for Colleagues We Have Lost Rollin C. Richmond

Frederick George Alden Burrows, Emeritus Professor, Environmental Resources Engineering
James William Carroll, former Professor, Sociology
Blanche Hendrickson, former Staff, Dining Services
Ruth Jackson, Elderhostel Coordinator
James Knight, Emeritus Professor, Psychology
William F. Jackson, Sr., Emeritus Professor, Business Administration
Frederick D. Macias, former Staff, Maintenance
Gary W. Melton, former Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication
Eric E. Rofes, former Associate Professor of Education
Howard Seemann, Emeritus Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication
Sherrill Evalyne (Kirkemo) Simmons, former Staff, Upward Bound
Thomas Wattle, Emeritus Professor, Business
James P. Welch, Emeritus Professor, Fisheries

Please accept our apology for any omissions and alert Public Affairs of others who have died in the last year.

Associated Students’ Welcome Tony Snow, President

Academic Senate Update Saeed Mortazavi, Chair

Staff Council Update Su Karl, Laura Weare, Co-Chairs

Provost’s Address
Richard C. Vrem

President’s Address Rollin C. Richmond

The text of the President’s convocation address may be found at this web site:

Coffee and punch will be served on the Balabanis Quad immediately following Convocation.

All are invited to the Faculty/Staff barbecue on the Special Events Field from noon to 1:30 p.m. During the barbeque, the HSU Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) will give a demonstration

You are invited to the Academic Senate meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 12, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in Goodwin Forum, where the university budget will be discussed and a question- and-answer session will follow.

New Administrators

Sally Botzler, College of Professional Studies, Interim Associate Dean
Jena Burges, Academic Programs & Undergraduate Studies, Vice Provost
Janice Bresee, Financial Aid Systems, Associate Director
Thomas Dewey, University Police Department, Chief
Mary Fischer, Human Resources, Director
Robert Gunsalus, University Advancement, Vice President
Chris Hopper, Research and Graduate Studies and International Programs, Interim Dean
Anna Kircher, Information Technology Services, Chief Information Officer
Kevin O’Brien, Student Disability Resource Center, Director
Paul Picciotta, Common Management Systems, Director
Scott Quackenbush, Marine Science, Associate Dean
Michael Reilly, Enrollment Management, Associate Vice President
Robert Snyder, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Dean
Carol Terry, University Budget, Associate Vice President
Mary Grooms VanCott, Student Health Center, Associate Director

New Faculty
The following have recently joined, or are about to join, the ranks of Humboldt State’s probationary and full-time tenure-track faculty. Other new members of the faculty will be introduced at college meetings. They are listed with academic department, the institution from which they received their most recent degree, and starting semester.

Jeffrey Abell, Oceanography Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle (Fall 2006)
Joy Adams, Geography Ph.D. (expected 2006), University of Texas, Austin (Fall 2006)
J. Mark Baker, Government and Politics Ph.D., UC Berkeley (Fall 2006)
Kathyrn Bucher, Nursing MSN, San Diego State University (Fall 2006)
Marcy Burstiner, Journalism & Mass Communication M.S., Columbia Univ. (Fall 2006)
Lisa Chan, Child Development Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara (Fall 2006)
Megan Donahue, Biological Sciences Ph.D., UC Davis (Spring 2006)
Christopher Edgar, Forestry Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Fall 2006)
Vincent Feliz, Counseling MSW, CSU Long Beach (Spring 2006)
Peter Goetz, Mathematics Ph.D., University of Oregon (Fall 2006)
Sarah Goldthwait, Oceanography Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara (Spring 2006)
Han-Sup Han, Forestry Ph.D., Oregon State University, Corvallis (Spring 2007)
Elizabeth Harrington, Music DMA (expected 2006), Univ. of Colorado, Boulder (Fall 2006
David Heise, Philosophy Ph.D. (expected 2006), Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (Fall 2006)
Nicole Jean Hill, Art MFA, University of North Carolina (Fall 2006)
Charles Hoyle, Jr., Physics Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle (Spring 2007)
Matthew Hurst, Chemistry Ph.D., UC Santa Cruz (Fall 2006)
W. Bryan Jennings, Biological Sciences Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin (Fall 2006)
Heather Madar, Art Ph.D., UC Berkeley (Fall 2006)
Benjamin Marschke, History Ph.D., UC Los Angeles (Fall 2006)
Jayne McGuire, Education Ph.D., University of Utah, Salt Lake City (Fall 2006)
Barbara Nowak, Social Work Ph.D., New York University (Fall 2006)
Sujata Ramnarayan, Business Ph.D., University of Oregon (Fall 2006)
Lisa Rae Robinson, Theatre, Film and Dance MFA, UC Irvine (Fall 2006)
James Russell, Applied Technology Ph.D., University of South Carolina (Fall 2006)
Victoria Sama, Journalism & Mass Communication M.A., University of Colorado, Boulder (Fall 2006)
Lezlie Scaliatine, Counseling Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco (Fall 2006)
David Scheerer, Theatre, Film and Dance MFA, Brigham Young University (Fall 2006)
Andrew Stubblefield, Forestry Ph.D., UC Davis (Fall 2006)
Micaela Szykman, Wildlife Management Ph.D., Michigan State University (Spring 2006)
Margaret Waller, Social Work Ph.D., University of Chicago (Fall 2006)
Janet Winston, English Ph.D., University of Iowa (Fall 2006)
Xiaolou Yang, Business Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin (Fall 2006)
Jianmin Zhong, Biological Sciences Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Memphis (Fall 2006)

New Lecturers
Lecturers listed are the individuals who joined our campus community before August 1. Many more have since come aboard. For a complete list of new lecturers, please visit the Academic Personnel Services Web site at the end of September.

Denise Bergstrom, Art
Jason Butler, Health and Physical Education
Loren Cannon, Philosophy
Joseph Dieme, World Languages and Cultures
Robert Elfine, Music
Ovieda Elliott, Education
Jennifer Fuller, Applied Technology
April Guntle, Art
Anton Jackson, Rangeland Resources and Wildland Soils
Lisa Jennings, Health and Physical Education
Maureen Kearns, Education
Anthony Kontos, Health and Physical Education
Ari Kornfeld, Biological Sciences, Mathematics
Nicolas Lambson, Music
Jaese Lecuyer, Theatre, Film and Dance
Isabel Lipthay, World Languages and Cultures
Ronald Maher, Education
John Maxwell, Chemistry
Justus Ortega, Health and Physical Education
Deborah Ownbey, Education
Jennifer Palmero, Applied Technology
Marissa Ramsier, Anthropology
Carl Stancil, Applied Technology
A.L. Wilson, Chemistry
George Williamson, Environmental & Natural Resources Sciences

Jeff Cheek, Assistant Football Coach
Brian Harris, Assistant Football Coach
Shay McClure, Assistant Football Coach
Luke Rivard, Assistant Soccer Coach

Staff Changes
The following individuals are new in permanent and temporary full-time positions with Humboldt State University, serving in state- and non-state funded staff and administrative positions:

Richard Alvarez, Health and Physical Education, Diving Safety Officer
Charlotte August, Registrar’s Office, Transfer & Graduation Counselor
Jodie Baker, Provost/Vice President’s Office, Administrative Support Assistant II
Brian Bashears, Plant Operations, Painter
Shelon Bennet, Art, Instructional Support Assistant
Shannon Berge, Career Center, Administrative Support Assistant II
Devinney Brashear, Admissions Office, Reception
Terri Bronder-Lewis, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Admin. Support Coordinator
Travis Brunner, Registrar’s Office, Transcript Coordinator
Michael Burghart, Fiscal Affairs, Accountant
Valerie Carey, English, Administrative Support Assistant II
Robert Carter, Telecommunications, Network Analyst
John Chernoff, Music, Accompanist
Michelle Cleland, Housing, Administrative Support Assistant II
Barbara Cline, Music, Administrative Support Assistant II
Don Cochran, Plant Operations, Custodian
Carmen Colunga, Educational Opportunity Program, Student Services Professional
Jean Crockett, Accounts Receivable Technician, Sponsored Programs Foundation
Mary Cruse, Theatre, Film & Dance, Publicist
Alicia Cuevas, Anthropology/Sociology, Administrative Support Coordinator
William Darnall, College of AH&SS;, Information Technology Consultant
Hillary Dashiell, Enrollment Management, University Registrar
Dana Deason, Academic Information & Referral Center, National Student Exchange Coordinator/Advisor
Grace Dempsey, Registrar’s Office, Associate Registrar
Lorraine Dillon, University Advancement, Administrative Support Coordinator
John Dostal, Intercollegiate Athletics, Athletic Equipment Manager
Kristen Earhart, Fiscal Affairs, Accounting Technician II
Merrie Dawn Enos, Student Health Center, Radiologic Technologist
Rick Evans, Art, Sculpture Lab, Instructional Support Assistant
Leslie Farrar, Trinidad Marine Facilities, Administrative Support Coordinator
Thomas Dewey, University Police Department, Chief
Vernon Felton, Public Affairs, Communications Specialist
Traci Ferdolage, Construction Management, Project Manager
John Fowlkes, Plant Operations, Painter
Holly Freitas, Housing, Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Janna Frincke, College of Natural Resources & Sciences Development Officer
Michelle Fuller, Biological Sciences, Instructional Support Assistant
Denise Giltzow, Human Resources, Office Manager
Edward Gordon, CNRS, Equipment Systems Specialist
Jeffry Graham, CDC, Learning Management Systems Developer
Andrew Hall, Veteran Upward Bound, Counselor
Anna Hall, Social Work, Administrative Support Assistant II
Keith Hamilton, Graphic Services, Production Assistant
Elizabeth Hans McCrone, Office of the President, Manager, KHSU
Chris Hansen, College of AH&SS;, Macintosh Desktop Support
Estelle Hawley, Education, Administrative Support Assistant II
Melinda Haynes Swank, CMS, Enterprise Applications Manager
Jan Henry, Health and Physical Education, Director, Recreational Sports
Jason Henry, University Ticket Office Supervisor
Michelle Henson, Enrollment Management, User Support Specialist
Steve Hoppe, University Police Department, Dispatcher
Joan Hubbard, Sponsored Programs Foundation, Administrative Assistant
Deva Hymen, Art, Administrative Support Coordinator
Janelle Jackson, University Police Department, Police Officer
Kristi Janowski, Construction Management, Project Manager
Chryste Johnson, Admissions, Administrative Support Assistant II
Kristin Johnson, Small Business Development Center, Director
Chris Kelley, Intercollegiate Athletics, Athletic Equipment Attendant I
Kim King, Plant Operations, Administrative Support Assistant II
Charles Klein, Web Office/Graphics, Web Office Assistant
Matthew Koelling, Student Affairs, Information Technology Consultant
Douglas Kokesh, Plant Operations, Grounds Manager
Melissa Koval, Academic Personnel Services, Office Support
William Kowinski, Theatre, Film & Dance, Publicist
Amy Lennox, Student Disability Resource Center, Office Manager
Stacie Lyans, Admissions, Admissions Counselor
Emily Lyons, Fiscal Affairs, Accounting Technician II
Alan Manack, Student Health Center Pharmacist
Nicola Maria-Moloney, International English Language Institute, Activities Coordinator
Kristi Marian, Facilities Management, Interior Architect
Lorrie Marsh, Telecommunications, Administrative Analyst
Cheryl Martini, Music, Administrative Support Coordinator
Nanda Mayo, University Center, Accounts Payable Assistant
Megan Mefford, Registrar’s Office, Transfer & Graduation Counselor
Carlene Metaxas, Education, Administrative Support Coordinator
Melanie Miller, Facilities Management, Administrative Support Assistant II
Star Mohatt, Children’s Center, Preschool Teacher
Karen Moulton, Student Health Care Center, Nurse Practitioner
Raquel Nelson, Facilities Management, Administrative Support Assistant
Sandi O’Dell, Student Health Center, Administrative Support Coordinator
Phyllis Omsberg, Student Health Center, Administrative Support Assistant II
Justin Pabalate, Housing Office, Accounting Technician II
Timothy Pobst, Graphic Services, Printing Press Operator
Patty Qualls, Sponsored Programs Foundation, Accounting Technician
Keith Reagan, HSU Library, Library Assistant III
Clint Rebik, Registrar’s Office, Transfer & Graduation Counselor
Angie Renzo, Graphics, Administrative Support Assistant
Ray Richardson, Facilities Management, Project Inspector
Judith Risling, ITEPP, Administrative Support Assistant II
Mona Roberts, Student Health Center, Laboratory Assistant
Philip Rouse, Common Management Systems, Quality Improvement Analyst
Anna Salmon, Children’s Center, Preschool Teacher
Kevin Sanders, KHSU, Chief Engineer
Lynne Sandstrom, Financial Services, Senior Accountant
Jerry Sauls, Construction Management, Assistant Project Manager
Rebecca Schuette, University Police Department, Lead Dispatcher
Kim Sekas, Alumni Association, Program Coordinator
Rachel Seman-Varner, Chemistry, Biochemistry Stockroom Technician
Michael Serrano, Housing & Dining, Custodian
Kevin Simmons, EOP/Student Support Services, Advisor
Noelle Simon, Library, Library Assistant II
Jennifer Slye, Art, Administrative Support Assistant II
Gayleen Smith, Forestry, Administrative Support Coordinator
Gretchen Stadler, History and Government & Politics, Administrative Support Assistant II
Deborah Stamper, Student Health Center, Administrative Support Assistant
Sheila Stock, Admissions, Administrative Support Assistant II
Karen Towns, Student Health Center, Medical Assistant
Chiann Tsui, Music, Accompanist
Jessica Van Arsdale, M.D., CCRP Research, Director
Julie Van Sickle, CA. Post-Sec. Edu. Math/Science Project, Staff
Yumi Watanabe, Music, Accompanist
Elizabeth Weaver, Biological Sciences, Administrative Support Coordinator
Sharon Welton, Music, Accompanist
Buddy White, Housing, Administrative Support Coordinator
Sandra Wieckowski, Fiscal Affairs, Accountant
Elizabeth Wilson, Children’s Center, Toddler Center Teacher
Keelye Wilson, Accounts Payable Technician, Sponsored Programs Foundation
Colin Wingfield, Environmental Resource Engineering/Geology, Stockroom Manager
Serena Zelezny, Public Affairs, Communications Specialist

A Spring Convocation is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2007, at noon in the Kate Buchanan Room, to recognize meritorious faculty and staff.