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Understanding the Law and Your Rights

After a 20-year hiatus, the Student Legal Lounge is back. Now HSU students are helping their peers and local community members understand legal issues and their rights and find legal resources.


Students at Humboldt State University are known to be passionate, conscientious thinkers with a desire to change the world. That’s exactly what they’re doing through the Student Legal Lounge (SLL).

Funded by Associated Students, the SLL helps students and HSU community members understand legal issues and their rights, and it connects them with legal resources.

The SLL is back after 20 years because students in recent years gathered enough support and decided the campus needed a service like this. There were 12 student participants last semester.

Philosophy major and SLL director Jessica Jane says the service is a great way to keep Humboldt State’s community in the loop about their constitutional rights. The most common legal issue students seem to need help with is in regards to tenant rights.

“Students may have a hard time finding and understanding when it’s appropriate to assert their constitutional rights, and since we live in such a remote area, it can be difficult to access to legal information,” she says. “However, our purpose is not to provide legal counseling and advice, it’s to provide assistance to students in researching their options regarding legal matters.”

SLL serves students and the local community. It also provides volunteers with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of our legal system and suggestions on how to communicate and interact with law enforcement officials.

The SLL, based in the Multicultural Center, is always looking for student volunteers to help table at campus events, network with other clubs, update the website, and research legal issues.

The SLL’s primary source of outreach is their mobile cart, which can be found on campus during athletic events and on the Quad.

For more information on volunteer opportunities and legal support, contact the Legal Lounge at