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Record-breaking Year in Publishing at HSU

Authorship is transformative. It turns passive recipients of knowledge into empowered voices that shape public thought and discourse.


This past year, HSU authors embraced the opportunity of authorship in record numbers. The Humboldt Digital Commons platform alone saw 690 authors and photographers published across the 2018-2019 academic year. Publications on the platform have been downloaded more than 100,000 times across 198 countries.

The HSU Press promoted authorship and advanced HSU’s commitment to social justice and equity by publishing four new international publications and three translations. Translations of African Masks from the Collection of James Gaasch into Spanish and French detail the rich tribal practices and cultures in Western Africa that are now under threat by conflict and violence. Read African Masks from the Collection of James Gaasch.

Sewing Their Stories, Telling Their Lives: Embroidered Narratives from Chile to the World Stage_ celebrates Chilean women living in rural areas, shanty towns, inner cities, and refugee camps, and their tapestries that inspired a global art movement across five continents. Read Sewing Their Stories, Telling Their Lives.

When HSU Press authors address inequity, environmentalism, and social justice, they address those issues across the globe. The Extraordinary Voyage of Kamone; A Tsunami Boat Comes Home, now freely available in six languages, tells a children’s story that celebrates cross-cultural exchange, while informing parents how to talk to children about natural disasters. Read The Extraordinary Voyage of Kamone.

To Catch the Rain, now available in Spanish, teaches communities across the world how to harness their own local resources to capture rainwater—providing a tangible solution to address the growing global crisis of inaccessible drinkable water. Read To Catch the Rain.

HSU offers students on campus a broad range of opportunities to publish their work, develop their professional identities, and share their knowledge. The ideaFest event allows students to showcase their research posters to the community and publish them in open access. ideaFest: Interdisciplinary Journal of Creative Works and Research allows anyone in the HSU community to take their research further and publish in a peer-review publication. ideaFest Journal has published some of the best of HSU research, spanning disciplines as diverse as rhetoric, astronomy, biological sciences, religious studies, geospatial sciences, and sociology. Read the ideafest Journal.

In CouRaGeouS Cuentos, a student journal published by the Department of Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies, students challenge society’s dominant stories by writing their own counternarratives, “on their terms—uncensored, multi-lingual, and with unflinching candor—to raise their voices both as a form of community building and in defiance” (volume 2, pg. 16). Read CouRaGeouS Cuentos.

The multilingual, student-led, international literary journal Toyon, published by the Department of English, recognizes diversity across disciplines, cultures, and regional boundaries with an emphasis on inclusivity, intersectionality, and multilingualism. Read Toyon.

The World “The Way We Saw It”, published by the Department of World Languages & Cultures, provides a platform for students to interpret, discuss, and otherwise create off of the photographic works of their peers, and share them in a multilingual, multicultural public sphere. Read The World The Way We Saw It.

Humboldt Digital Commons hosts 10 journals that expand the world’s knowledge across a range of disciplines, cultural perspectives, and social justice issues. The last two volumes of Humboldt Journal of Social Relations deal with environmental topics of the post-timber war American West, and how spatial analysis can answer complex questions on topics ranging from contemporary urban policy to ancient civilization.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Innovative Pedagogy supports and promotes scholarly pursuits in innovative teaching and learning. Journals such as these shape public discourse, while offering opportunities for publication to our campus community as well as national audiences. Explore these and other journals on the digital commons website.

HSU Press empowers community authors as well. This past year saw 113 students from grades 3-12 became published authors, including in Celebrating Writers and Writing in our Community and The Friendly Crocodile. Community books with international reach include To Japan and Back: The Art of Orr Marshall, which showcases a local artist’s acclaimed Japanese-inspired work, and Ecopsychology Revisited: for Whom do the “Nature” Bells Toll?, which critiques and deconstructs academic trends in the field of ecopsychology.

About HSU Press

Humboldt State University Press publishes high-quality scholarly, intellectual, and creative works by or in support of our campus community. The press supports the HSU mission to improve the human condition and our environment by promoting understanding of social, economic, and environmental issues. Information literacy, critical thinking, written communication, identity formation, experiential learning, and professional development are fundamentally embedded within the transformative experience of publishing. The vision of HSU Press is that all students should publish before they graduate. Learn more at the HSU Press website..