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‘Welcome Home to Humboldt’ Rolls On With Another Week of Student Events

HSU is starting off the semester with an extracurricular bang. The campus is hosting a two-week long event, ‘Welcome Home to Humboldt’, which features live performances, outdoor movie night, athletic events, part time job fair and plenty of opportunities for students to score free food.

Students enjoy free food and live music at the UC Quad on the first day of classes. The barbecue was the kick-off to the two-weeks-long Welcome Home to Humboldt event.

The first day of school marked the first ‘Welcome Home to Humboldt’ event. On Monday, Student Affairs hosted a free Welcome Home Barbecue and performance by Berel Alexander Ensemble. The barbecue kept students fed with free drinks, burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs and all the fixings on the UC Quad.

The Berel Alexander Ensemble, a 25-year-old guitarist and his 11-piece ensemble, played from noon to 1 p.m. The ensemble sent waves of folk, soul, pop and jazz-like sounds throughout the campus.

“It was the campus’s way of saying hello to new and returning students,” said Randi Darnall Burke, Dean of Students and the organizer of the free barbecue. Burke said a line of hungry students wrapped around east Nelson Hall and remained for the duration of the event.

Jerri Jones, Coordinator with Clubs and Activities, said they fed a couple thousand people. “I have to say, all of the students have been very gracious,” Jones said. She noticed students of all years attending the free lunch and staying to enjoy the music.

“I had just gotten out of class and heard a live band playing and saw everyone with free burgers,” said sophomore English major Donna Biegil. “So I went over and got a veggie burger. It was really good.”

Biegil also attended last year’s Welcome Home Barbecue. “It was nice to have free food the first day,” she said.

Free food, music and social gatherings are on tap throughout the duration of ‘Welcome Home to Humboldt.’ Another barbecue is planned for Wednesday, Aug. 31, from 11 to 1 p.m. by the Associated Students (AS). AS hosts a barbecue each fall semester and will be offering burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs and more.

Next week, AS President Bryan Kelly, wants to use the AS barbecue as an opportunity for students to meet new faces and enjoy a free meal while learning about how to become involved with AS.

Kelly, who was elected president in a run-off election last April, was introduced to the student government body at last fall’s AS barbecue. “It was a really great event,” Kelly said. “Students are really motivated by food.”

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