Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Humboldt State University celebrated the graduation of more than 1,800 students in three ceremonies in Redwood Bowl on Saturday.

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HSU President, K-12 Teachers Explore Sustainable Forestry Practices at Scotia Mill »

Reinforcing Humboldt State’s commitment to the community and environmental sustainability, HSU President Tom Jackson, Jr. joined K-12 teachers from across the state to tour a lumber mill in Scotia last Saturday.

The Hearst Foundations Give HSU $100k for Student Basic Needs »

Humboldt State University has received a $100,000 grant from the Hearst Foundations that will support HSU’s campus-wide effort to combat financial challenges faced by students.

$100K Grant to Support Digital Literacy and Career Development »

Humboldt State University has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the California State Library to promote computer literacy to HSU students and the local community.

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Faculty David Sleeth-Keppler, Business:

David Sleeth-Keppler recently published an article in the journal Royal Society Open Science along with social scientists from George Mason University, The University of Bristol, and the University of Queensland. The open access paper can be accessed here: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.180475

Faculty Joshua Frye, Communication:

Joshua Frye was recently featured on the podcast, HEADSCRATCHER: Making Sense of Young Adulthood. The host of the podcast, Benjamin Laufer, talked with Frye about strategies for effective activism within the contemporary environmental movement and public speaking, among other topics. The podcast is focused on diverse issues relevant to young adults coming of age in the current moment to help inform and inspire the next generation with lessons on leadership, social advocacy, and innovation. Frye appeared on episode 8 within the EXPERT series. The HEADSCRATCHER podcast’s episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn Radio app, and other social media platforms.

Faculty Pam Bowers & Marissa O'Neill, Social Work:

Social Work Professors Pam Bowers & Marissa O’Neill have co-authored an article in the Journal of Children and Poverty titled The Lived Experience of Being A Homeless College Student.

The abstract reads:

Heightened awareness that college students are facing homelessness points to the need for more research on this vulnerable subpopulation of emerging adults. The study, which draws on the social inequalities framework, uses qualitative interpretive meta-synthesis (QIMS) to develop a comprehensive understanding of the lived experience of college students who are homeless. The sample consisted of 60 college students among seven studies. The QIMS revealed four themes, including Trauma, Priority Hierarchy, Homeless (situational) Identity, and Resilience. Definition recommendations are proposed and policy and practice implications discussed.

You can read a pdf of the full study here: https://www2.humboldt.edu/socialwork/community/dr-pam-bowers-dr-marissa-oneill-co-author-article-lived-experience-being-homeless-college

Student Club Karina Coronado, Campus Center for Appropriate Technology:

The Campus Center for Appropriate Technology won a Best Practices Award in Student Sustainability Leadership, to be awarded at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference this July at UC Santa Barbara. CCAT Co-Director Karina Coronado will present about HSU’s sustainable living demonstration home & laboratory. Read more at: https://chesc.org/best-practice-awards/2019-best-practice-award-winners-2/

Faculty Janet Winston, English:

Prof. Janet Winston was awarded a Faculty Development Seminar Travel Fellowship by the Palestinian American Research Center as part of its 10th annual competition. Prof. Winston traveled to Palestine/Israel as part of a U.S. faculty delegation to five Palestinian universities. She met with professors and human rights activists in the West Bank in an effort to develop place-based knowledge and foster international collaborations with teacher-scholars living in Palestine.

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Times Standard (May 2019) - ‘New Hope’: New Humboldt State President Talks ‘healing,’ Hearing Students’ Stories »

Tom Jackson Jr. was named the new president of Humboldt State University.

The Washington Post (May 2019) - In The Spring, I Get A Thrill When I See My First Trillium »

Essay mentions Biology Professor Erik Jules’ trillium research.

BBC (May 2019) - How Your Friends Change Your Habits - For Better and Worse »

“The more of your identity you draw from a group, even when you’re not around that group, the more likely you are to uphold those values,” says Psychology Professor Amber Gaffney.

Wired Magazine (May 2019) - This Casino’s Microgrid Might Be The Future Of Energy »

Scientists at HSU’s Schatz Energy Research Center and PG&E to help Blue Lake Rancheria create its own solar-powered microgrid.

Lost Coast Outpost (May 2019) - Photo Collages From HSU Students Blend Historic Images of Humboldt With Contemporary Shots »

Humboldt State University students’ art project called “Humboldt Rephotographed.”

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Department of Social Work - Student Publication Social Work

A student collaboration between CCRP, GIS, and the SW 582 Research class has been published by the California Center for Rural Policy. Social Work students Sitaram Sandin, Nicole Calvino, and Sarah Smith, along with GIS student Robert Bergeson looked at a few communities in Humboldt regarding violent crime rates and their correlation to the density of alcohol outlets.

The report is available for download here:
https://ccrp.humboldt.edu/data-county/humboldt (scroll to the bottom to find the paper).