Campus Scene ideaFest

On an April day, the Library burst with ideas. They rose out of maps and experiments, gave life to costumes, inhabited sculptures, and radiated from short stories. Over a rumble of excited students, music thumped as dancers performed for a cheering crowd. On the first floor, a piano and violin performance greeted people.

This was the scene at the 2018 ideaFest, an annual exposition of student research and learning. In its fifth year, the celebration and showcase of student research was bigger than ever, with more than 200 students sharing the culmination of their year’s work and entire academic journey.

The presentations were limited only by imagination. One student showed off a website connecting community projects with volunteers, while others displayed their efforts toward digitally archiving pieces from HSU’s rare books collection. Other topics ranged from rooftop farming in Hong Kong to costume designs for a dance piece (foreground). Another presentation explored the historical origins and contemporary views of “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the national anthem, and three “unofficial anthems” in the United States.

Eden Oleson, who presented 3D modeling of an archaeology site she excavated in Belize with class partner Jonathan Roldan, said ideaFest was an opportunity to get out of their academic circle.

“There are great posters and information. It’s a great way to share ideas and learn about other projects,” she said.

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