Meet Humboldt

Zahra Shine (‘19, Psychology)

Zahra Shine

Her accolades are numerous.

She won this year’s Alistair & Judith McCrone Graduate Fellowship Award and the CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement, and has received certificates of recognition from the California State Senate and Assembly for her achievements. But what stands out about Psychology graduate student Zahra Shine (‘16, Psychology) is her compassion for the world, which shows in her volunteer work in the local community. Now, as a student assistant in HSU’s College of Professional Studies office, she’s creating and operating a new success initiative that identifies at-risk students and provides them enhanced advising, referrals, and support.

Emotional impact:

“There’s something magical that happens when someone is reflecting your feelings. After learning this process of communication, I was able to make positive impacts on people in my life who were going through crises. Through experiences like these, I became interested in psychology and helping people.”

Men and mental health:

“Studies have shown that the more men agree with the traditional norms of masculinity—such as men should be in control, or not show their emotions—the less help they seek. Similarly, my current research explores why male college students are less likely to seek mental health care than female students. My research comes from a place of compassion. Men suffer in silence. They can push people away and stop working toward their dreams and goals, which can lead to larger problems, including a shorter lifespan.“

Personal accomplishments:

“I didn’t like high school and I didn’t think I was smart or had anything to give. I moved from Hawaii to California to pursue my education and I did it on my own. Now with these awards, I feel deeply touched to be recognized for what I’ve been doing.”

What I love about HSU:

“Having grown up in Hawaii, I was inspired to value social justice through learning about the indigenous culture and native Hawaiian values and spirituality. HSU’s student-run programs, such as the Social Justice Summit, and other aspects of social and environmental justice here really align with my values and make me feel good about being part of this community.”