Meet Humboldt

B1g $uAV (’22)

It may seem like Wildlife and Communication is an atypical double major, but junior José Juan Rodriguez Gutierrez says, his Humboldt State classes are the perfect ingredients for making his dreams come true. A passionate environmental and social justice activist, Gutierrez is known around campus by his rap handle, B1g $uAV. From his lyrics to his social media feed to his job with Housing & Residence Life, he is amplifying his unique brand of positivity and activism. Living by the mantra, “As long as ya breathing, ya should be smiling,” he says that he’s just warming up.

Climate Change & Rap

“I want to make saving the world a trending topic. What better way to do that than through music? People are stressed, and some of the music they’re listening to isn’t doing anything positive for them. If they could just hear my lyrics like, ‘Wanna save the world, wanna save the world, can’t do it alone,’ it might inspire people to take action. I want to build a culture around awareness and save the world from climate change.”

Repping Humboldt

“Humboldt State was my dream school. I’ve been waiting to get here since my junior year in high school. I love it here. I want to invite people from the big city to Humboldt so they have the same opportunity to be in nature when they walk outside their door. Now I incorporate nature into every part of my life.”

Lifting People Up

“Growing up in Ensenada and Long Beach, my moms encouraged me in school and taught me to care about myself. I have to be aware that not everyone had that support, that privilege of being looked after. I watched my mothers working hard, going without milk in the fridge or having electricity so I could go to college and have a better life. They pushed me to open my wings and learn to fly. I want to lift up others to do the same and make choices that are good for the entire planet.”

The Latinx Steve Irwin

“I grew up watching ‘Animal Planet’ on TV. Animals are our friends and neighbors, and they deserve respect too. I want to share that message with the Hispanic community and be the Latinx Steve Irwin, connecting people to the idea of conservation. There’s such huge distrust between the public and the scientific community. We also need to look at systemic racism in science and bring Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) into everything we do. I’ve got some radical ideas, but I’m taking it one step at a time.”

What’s Next

“I want to get my face out in the community, especially with the Latinx community through programs like Ciencia Para Todos and El Centro Académico Cultural and use my platforms to make sure no one gets left out. My biggest dream? To hear people turn up in the club with my climate change song. Having fun and staying positive is what it’s all about.”