If students can’t get to their supplies, the supplies must get to students. HSU has made sure of that over the past year, shipping nearly 3,300 items, large and small, to students who were learning from afar.

7 packs of sea shells
70 digital writing pads
5 soil sample boxes
42 empty shipping boxes for students to return supplies
5 fresh fish for dissection
27 water testing kits
24 paddles, balls, and bean bags
2 full-size piano keyboards (with benches) and many, many sheets of music, 164 pairs of binoculars
7 packs of sea shells

10 snowball microphones • 29 science kits • 45 thermodynamic kits • 20 fluid mechanics kits • 9 spotting scopes sewing kits • air quality testing kits • stage makeup and supplies • GoPros and tripods • nutrient pest strips conductivity meters • instrument mouthpieces • balsa wood bridge building kits • pipettes • GPS units • and more!