The Magazine of Cal Poly Humboldt | Fall 2017

Special Photography Issue

Editor's Note

Close your eyes and imagine Founders Hall.

You may picture the cream-colored facade or the grand arched entryway. But through the eyes of longtime campus photographer Kellie Jo Brown, that familiar icon becomes art.

And that’s the point of this photo issue. For years, Humboldt magazine has told you the story of Humboldt State, using plenty of words. This time, we show you the University from a more visual perspective, and with far fewer words.

Through photos taken mostly by Kellie, you’ll meet a new generation of activists fighting for social justice and environmental sustainability. There are local landscapes such as the appropriately named Top of the World with its expansive views from atop Fickle Hill. There’s also a dreamy translation of campus, including Founders, captured on film with a spunky little camera called a Holga.

Compelling and vivid, these images are, without a doubt, worth a thousand words.