A Calypso Comeback and Other End of Year Performances

A number of live musical performances will be held at Humboldt State University beginning Dec. 3.

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Building Naming Honors HSU President Alistair McCrone »

The Science D Building has been named Alistair McCrone Hall as a way of honoring the legacy of Humboldt State University’s fifth president, Dr. Alistair McCrone.

HSU Press Announces Summer and Fall Publications »

Student research. Geospatial textbook. Campus history. DIY solar power. Women’s blood and identity. Staff recipes. Anthropocentric signification. From the fate of Humboldt Bay to the fate of democracy to Dr. Samuel Oliner’s last published works on the fate of humanity itself, these are the freely available HSU Press releases of Summer and Fall 2021.

Study: Voting at Humboldt State University Skyrocketed in 2020 »

Humboldt State University today reported that student voting on its campus increased 25% in last year’s presidential election, rising to 72% in 2020 from a rate of 47% in 2016.

HSU Continues to Participate in Expanded CSU Effort to Provide Incoming Students with Free iPads »

The California State University (CSU) today announced the launch of the second phase of CSUCCESS (California State University Connectivity Contributing to Equity and Student Success), adding more campuses along with a new Wi-Fi connectivity package to its free technology distribution program designed to enhance student achievement and create more equitable opportunities.

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Fresno Bee (Nov 2021) - Most California College Students who Qualify for ‘Food Stamps’ aren’t Using Them »

In recent years, California’s public colleges have begun taking action to address food insecurity and other basic needs to help students graduate, especially those from low-income households.

Microgrid Knowledge (Nov 2021) - What Can We Learn from Indigenous Communities about Microgrids? »

In Canada, indigenous community members, developers and utilities work together to maximize the potential of microgrids to combat climate change, with indigenous communities often owning a share in the projects.

California Ag Today (Nov 2021) - California Dairies Get Big Award »

California receives $1.8 million Dairy Business Innovation Initiative award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the “Pacific Coast Coalition.”

PBS (Nov 2021) - Young People are Optimistic that There’s Time to Prevent the Worst Effects of Climate Change »

A majority of young people in the United States are optimistic that it’s still possible to prevent the worst long-term effects of climate change, according to a new poll.

Jefferson Public Radio (Oct 2021) - Humboldt State Offers Free Course on Housing Students in the Community »

HSU put together a program for all the people involved in housing to get an education together.