Congratulations Class of 2016!

Humboldt State University celebrated the graduation of more than 1,700 students in three ceremonies in Redwood Bowl.

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New Study Sheds Light on How Running Keeps Seniors Young »

If you’re an avid runner, logging dozens of miles every week and you happen to be over 65, odds are you’re burning oxygen at nearly the same rate as a runner in her 20s.

HSU Surpasses Trash Reduction Goals »

Students, staff, and faculty at Humboldt State University are stingy with their trash.

Seaweed Shed Light on the Evolution of Green Plants »

A deep-water seaweed, some of which grow in depths of over 200 meters in clear tropical oceans, are the earliest diverging lineage of green algae and the oldest known multicellular green plant, according to a new study co-authored by Humboldt State University Associate Dean and Biology Professor, Rick Zechman.

HSU Students, Staff Stoke Intellectual Curiosity at TEDxHumboldtBay »

Ponder the power of yoga in prisons, the globalization of gaming, a call to make data democratic, and more in a series of short talks that promise to expand intellectual horizons.

HSU Study Shows Eureka Inflation Rate for the First Time »

In the first study of its kind in more than two decades, new research by Humboldt State University reveals the inflation rate for the City of Eureka. This work ends a long dependence on inflation rate information drawn from out of the area.