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Week of: Oct 23, 2016

Faculty Steve Martin, Environmental Science & Management

Steve Martin was recently appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of the Society for Wilderness Stewardship, a national organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the professional practice of wilderness stewardship, science, and education.

Faculty Marcos A. Amezcua, Jr.; Kiefer G. Bell-Wilson; Dallas A Davenport; Kenneth D. Gossow-Smith; Jeremiah R. Hays; Thomas D. Henderson; Micah T. Ojeda; William D. Pfeifer; Shady A. Shafik; Mitchell H. Ward; Raymond Yu; Casey R. Lu; Joshua R. Smith; Robert W. Zoellner, Chemistry

Eleven students of Chemistry Professor Robert Zoellner are co-authors on an article (attached) recently published in “The Chemical Educator,” along with two of of his colleagues, Casey Lu from the Department of Biological Sciences, and Josh Smith from the Department of Chemistry. The full citation for the article is as follows:

Marcos A. Amezcua, Jr.; Kiefer G. Bell-Wilson; Dallas A Davenport; Kenneth D. Gossow-Smith; Jeremiah R. Hays; Thomas D. Henderson; Micah T. Ojeda; William D. Pfeifer; Shady A. Shafik; Mitchell H. Ward; Raymond Yu; Casey R. Lu; Joshua R. Smith; Robert W. Zoellner; “Replication of a published materials science synthesis: An impromptu upper-division undergraduate Inorganic Chemistry laboratory experiment”; The Chemical Educator 2016, 21, 215-222.

This was a joint project in which the students from Zoellner’s Inorganic Chemistry II Laboratory (CHEM 410L) carried out the replication of the published synthesis from the suggestion of Josh Smith, and Casey Lu helped the students with performing the scanning electron microscope characterization of the graphene nanoplatelet products. All of the students participated in writing and editing the manuscript for publication, as did Lu and Smith; Zoellner is the corresponding author for the article.

You can download the article here (PDF).

Faculty Gil Cline, Music

HSU Music Department Professor Dr. Gil Cline (3rd year, FERP) recently made two notable musical performance appearances.

On July 17 he performed on Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, for a recording session of 19th Century historic American music, using an historic 1860s American rotary-valve soprano cornet and also Civil War – era bugle. “Mustering” with a re-enactors 18-member brass band, in Federal uniforms portraying the US 3rd Artillery Band stationed there in the 1870s, a CD is soon to be produced and is to be available to the public at the Alcatraz Island Gift Shop.

On October 2, Cline and his HSU-based Trumpet Consort von Humboldt, with five current students, were featured guest artists at a concert with Jefferson Baroque in Ashland, Oregon. Using replica 1667 natural (no-valve; the historic type) trumpets, and a rope-tension drum, TCvH performed a half-hour concert, from memory and in costume, of Baroque and late Renaissance music — with an encore of War’s “Low Rider.”

Additionally, TCvH has received an early invitation to perform in New York City in July 2017 for the third-ever international Historic Brass Society Symposium. In 2012, TCvH was the surprise “hit” at the 2nd Symposium, attended by leading performers and scholars from around the world.

Student Brittany Stuckey, Sunny Short-Miller, Elizabeth Phillips, and Michael S. Bruner, Communication

Alumni Brittany Stuckey and Sunny Short-Miller; CAHSS Research Fellow Elizabeth Phillips; and COMM Professor Michael S. Bruner published an article, entitled “Lagos, Mythos, and Globalization,” in the Journal of Communication and Media Research (October 2016).

Staff Arianna Thobaben, Learning Center

Arianna Thobaben, Supplemental Instruction Coordinator, presented about active & collaborative learning at the National College Learning Center Association Conference (NCLCA) in Tampa, Florida. Her workshop was titled Keeping Students Engaged: Implementing Learning into your Teaching and Training.

Week of: Oct 16, 2016

Faculty Teresa Stanley, Art

Art Professor, Teresa Stanley, has been featured in an article in The Woven Tale Press, where she speaks about her work and and the connection between art and science.

Staff Armeda Reitzel, Communication

The National Communication Association has chosen to showcase Dr. Armeda Reitzel’s syllabus for her Nonverbal Communication (Comm 324) course. Her syllabus appears on the organization’s website for members to review.

Week of: Oct 09, 2016

Student Monica Moreno-Espinoza, Stephen Cunha, Geography

Geography senior Monica Moreno-Espinoza and Professor Stephen Cunha presented papers at the 79th Meeting of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (APCG) meeting at Portland State University. For Mediterranean Refugee Crisis: Italian Student Attitudes Towards Political Migrants, Moreno-Espinoza surveyed 844 students from eight universities across Italy. The findings reveal positive sentiment towards political refugees, strong opinions towards other EU countries’ responsibility for assisting Italy in aiding refugees, and mixed attitudes on governmental intervention of refugee flow.

As presiding APCG President, Cunha’s Presidential Address documented 25 years of land protection efforts

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