A Celebration of Ideas

The 7th Annual ideaFest Symposium will be held virtually May 4 through Friday, May 8 to showcase HSU student and faculty research and projects that they have worked on throughout the past year.

IdeaFest displays work from Humboldt State’s three colleges, highlighting a diverse range of subjects including communications, political science, mathematics, science, and more. The event will also include various written and digital performances.

Due to COVID-19, ideaFest will be hosted on a variety of online platforms to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Coordinator Kyle Morgan and others have been working hard to transition to a virtual event.

“This year, ideaFest will be solely online and will be on a smaller scale,” says Morgan. “However, because it is online, ideaFest is supporting the submission of videos and slideshows to showcase a broader variety of student projects.”

HSU also plans on displaying pieces of student work on various social media platforms from Monday, May 4 to Friday, May 8. Presenters are encouraged to invite family and friends to view their presentations as they are showcased online.

Projects you can look forward to seeing include: A Geospatial Inventory of the Jacoby Creek Forest & Potential for Restoration Thinning by Forestry student Cameron Miller; Influence of Exercise on Mood States: Comparing Yoga to Low-Impact Aerobics by Kinesiology graduate student Kristin Pitsenbarger; and Theatrical Folkloric Dance in Egypt by Theater, Film & Dance instructor Rose “Shoshanna” Anthony.

“Attendees will discover the same great diversity of student projects and become inspired by the passion and innovation of our HSU students,” says Morgan.

For more information on the event, visit the ideaFest website.