AS Presents Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr DJs - Humboldt State Now

AS Presents Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr DJs

AS Presents Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr DJs and DJ Knutz on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012 at 9 p.m. in the Depot, HSU.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

The Detroit-based duo was voted one of 2010’s best new band by Stereogum, SPIN and more. Now they are branching out into the DJ world on the heels of their carefully crafted 2011 full-length It’s a Corporate World, a project that started without expectations may suddenly have to contend with some.

Throwing aesthetic limitations out the window, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr have allowed for the creation of the unexpected and a seemingly limitless future as their DJ sets focus on their roots celebrating Detroit Techno, Hiphop, and jams that keep the party going all night. Tickets are $5 general and free for HSU students. Tickets are available at the University Ticket Office and at

For more information and credit card orders, call CenterArts at 826-3928 or at