Associated Students Opens Online Polls April 19-21 - Humboldt State Now

Associated Students Opens Online Polls April 19-21

Humboldt State’s Associated Students begins its online election on Tuesday, April 19. Students are asked to vote on executive level officials, college representatives, and student representatives to the University Center board.

Associated Students online voting takes place April 19-21.

The candidates are:

Jonah Platt

Administrative Vice President
Gregory Rodriguez

Student Affairs Vice President
Graciela Chipres
Candance Young

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Representatives
Mildred Correa
Kellen Costantino
Carlrey Delcastillo
Raul Romero
Jennifer Werthman

College of Professional Studies Representatives
Joseph Mularky
Sonya Navarro
Patricia Rosas

College of Natural Resources & Sciences Representative
Jessie Avitia
Tessa Lance
Nathanial McGuigan

At-Large Representatives
Elizabeth Morgan

UC Board of Directors (1 Year Term)
Ian Ingerson
Jeremy Niles
Casey Park

Associated Students elections use the ranked-choice voting system, which helps select a single winner from a field of more than two candidates. Voters are asked to rank candidates in order of preference. Voters may rank different candidates for each position. When votes are tallied, candidates who receive over 50 percent of the first-choice votes will be declared winners. In races where a winner cannot be determined using first-choice votes, voters’ ranked-choices will be tabulated. This system identifies winning candidates without the need for a special run-off election. explains ranked voting with this video.

A full voter’s guide is available for download here.

Students will be contacted via email with more information on how to access their ballots. ##