Athletics Director Jane Teixeira Named Chair of NCAA Committee on Infractions

Humboldt State’s Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports, Jane Teixeira, has been appointed to the position of the Chair of the Committee on Infractions for NCAA Division II. Teixeira will be the first female of color to hold the Chair of the Committee on Infractions position.

Jane Teixeira.

“It is an honor to take the Chairmanship of this committee and follow in the pathway of those before me. I have been at various levels of the NCAA structure and this committee plays an important and vital role throughout the Association,” said Teixeira. “The individuals who serve on the committee make the chair position a truly collaborative effort. The Association is tasked to be self-reporting. This committee is about member institutions holding each other accountable, so we have a level playing field for all.”

As the Chair of the Committee on Infractions, Teixeira will preside over the proceedings during any contested case of summary disposition. She will be the direct contact with committee and the NCAA Staff and run the meetings and deliberations of the committee. There are seven members of the committee, which is composed of an at-large community member and NCAA Division II Administrators.

“Jane (Teixeira) is a committee veteran who has considered numerous infractions cases during her time on the committee,” says Jim Elworth, Associate Director for the NCAA Office of the Committee on Infractions. “She knows the governing bylaws, the day-to-day working of an athletics department and how campus personnel should perform their duties. She is tough but very fair in her deliberations and she’s dang fun to be around. The membership is fortunate to have her assuming this position.”

“I am proud to pass the reigns of being Chair to Jane (Teixeira),” says Harry Stinson III, Former Chair of the NCAA Division II Committee on Infractions. “She is an outstanding leader who is well versed in compliance and administration. She has a pulse of campus life and the vantage points of a former student athlete and conference administrator who will be excellent serving as chair of the COI (Committee on Infractions)!”

The Committee on Infractions is the division’s primary steward of the enforcement process. The committee meets as needed to participate in hearings involving member institutions that have been alleged to have violated NCAA legislation. At these hearings, the committee determines facts related to alleged violations and, if necessary, imposes appropriate penalties or show-cause requirements on a member found to be involved in a major violation (or, upon appeal on a member found to be involved in secondary violations). The number of institutions appearing at each hearing depends upon the length of each case and the amount of other business that the committee has to conduct. An institution’s appearance before the committee may last all or a portion of one or more days, depending upon the complexity of the case.