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Bio Core Upgrades Support Student Research

Humboldt State has purchased three new instruments and has begun remodeling existing space to support student and faculty research in the earth, physical and biological sciences.

The devices are: a research stereo microscope, an atomic absorption spectrometer, and an environmental scanning electron microscope. All three are available for undergraduate and graduate research through the Biology Core Facility.

The University’s new environmental scanning electron microscope, or ESEM, is a cutting-edge tool that uses electrons to create a highly detailed scan or 3-D image of an object. The microscope was purchased through a $530,305 National Science Foundation grant last year and is housed in a remodeled room in Science C.

“Our goal with these instruments and with the Bio Core in general is to support successful student research projects,” Bio Core Manager Anthony Baker says. “What we’ve been able to do with these new tools is provide students with access to research equipment that they otherwise wouldn’t have.”

Since arriving on campus this summer, the ESEM has supported research by Geology Professor Brandon Schwab and his graduate students on the chemical makeup of volcanic rock.

The Biology Core is a campus wide facility that provides workspace for undergraduate and student projects as part of their coursework or for independent and directed research. The facility is located in Science B 230. For more information, call (707) 826-3232.