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Bus Program Helps HSU Students Get Home

Humboldt State University has recently launched a pilot bus service for students who need an affordable way to get home.

The Homeward Bound Bus Charter Program, sponsored by Parking & Commuter Services, now offers students round-trip transportation to San Francisco and Los Angeles for during fall, winter, and spring breaks. Fares cost $90 to Los Angeles and $70 to San Francisco and are cheaper than traveling by commercial charter bus, says Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Traci Ferdolage.

Rolled out in January, the service initially offered one-way trips from Los Angeles and San Francisco to campus at the end of winter break. It was an immediate hit: The 50 available seats available sold out in three days.

“That was a great start to the program. There was clearly a demand from students who have indicated they desire a wider variety of transportation options. We’re glad to help students find a cost-effective way to get home to their families,” says Ferdolage.

With the input of Associated Students, various HSU departments planned and implemented Homeward Bound in less than a week.

“There’s absolutely no way we could have gotten this off the ground without people from so many different departments who helped to get it done and get it done fast,” she says. “We’re definitely looking at ways to expand the program and keep it going but also need to ensure it will be self-sustaining over time.”

Homeward Bound Bus Charter Program
What: Round-trip bus service for HSU students
Where: San Francisco and Los Angeles
Cost: $70 to San Francisco; $90 to Los Angeles
Stops: 1 stop per destination
Features: Free WiFi

For details, visit the Homeward Bound Program website.