Calypso Band and Percussion Ensemble Groove on Dec. 1 - Humboldt State Now

Calypso Band and Percussion Ensemble Groove on Dec. 1

The Humboldt State Calypso Band performs a steel band classic and the HSU Percussion Ensemble features dramatic rhythms of a Balinese chant in their joint concert on Saturday, Dec. 1 in the Van Duzer Theatre.

The Humboldt State Calypso Band.

The world-famous composition “Ketjak” by Akira Nishimura is the Percussion Ensemble’s featured work. Seventeen percussionists perform shifting layers of complex rhythms based on the ritual enactment of the Balinese “Monkey Chant.”

The Ensemble also plays contemporary works by John Cage, Michael Udow and Lynn Glassock. The first half of the show concludes with traditional Mandeng drumming of West Africa, presenting a classic from Ghana using only indigenous instruments.

Then the Calypso Band takes over with its high-energy dance music, emphasizing Panorama compositions of the Caribbean Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. The evening includes the Panorama steel band classic, “Pan in A Minor.” “This piece has driving rhythmic energy with a distinct minor key harmonic foundation,” said director Eugene Novotney, “which makes the piece both unique and infectious in its energy and its groove.”

Tickets are $7/3, with the first 50 HSU students free, from the HSU Ticket Office (826-3928) or at the door. Directed by Eugene Novotney and Howard Kaufman, produced by the HSU Music Department. For more information, visit