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Facelifts And Function: Campus Infrastructure Gets Summer Makeover

Summer might be viewed as a quiet time on campus, but a quick look around reveals a hidden hub of activity. Along with the obvious ones, many behind-the-scenes projects have been completed or are underway as the fall semester begins, including an environmentally-friendly Low Impact Development system (LID) that cleans up storm run-off.

Following is a look at Facilities Management ‘s improvements, upgrades and new projects.

Work in the Student Business Services building included reconfiguring the second and third floors for Administrative Affairs.

LID System Strains Storm Water
Five parking lot entrances have been altered to accommodate a Low Impact Development (LID) system that filters storm runoff. In cooperation with the city of Arcata and primarily funded by a grant, the project cleans up the water by directing it through planters and ponds, where it is naturally cleansed before entering city drains on its way to the bay.

Centers For Excellence Spruced Up
Renovations to the second floor of Nelson Hall East created comfortable space for the Latin@ Center for Academic Excellence, African American Center for Academic Excellence, and Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP). The project also brought new furnishings for employee workspace and student engagement areas.

Student Business Services Streamlines Operations
Nearly all of the fourth floor and part of the third floor in the Student Business Services building has been restructured to provide flexible workspace for Administrative Affairs. The project streamlines services and improves interdepartmental communication.

Interior renovation of the second floor of the Student Business Services building will accommodate continued growth in the College of eLearning & Exended Education, allowing maximum flexibility within the footprint.

Founders Hall Facelift
Through the investment of Loyalty funds, Facilities Management and the Department of Politics are reconfiguring the common lobby areas of the main west entrance and the east stairwell lobby of Founders Hall. The project includes furnishings, lighting and painting, and creates informal space for student activity.

Monitoring Based Commissioning Projects (MBCx)
The CSU Chancellor’s Office and the University completed a study of the efficiency of Gist Hall, Founders Hall and Science D and E. The study involved monitoring existing buildings, understanding the building systems, implementing small efficiency projects, and monitoring the results. Savings will be realized in less gas and electrical utility use and subsequent rebates back to the Monitoring Based Commissioning Projects program.

Upward Bound Relocates
The bridge program of Upward Bound has found a new home in Siemens Hall 210. As part of the renovation of Nelson Hall East’s second floor, Upward Bound was relocated to a renovated suite. The result was expanded space with additional storage and new room finishes. The program is up and running and continues to support college-bound high school teens.

Parking Lots Patched
Parking lot G11, across from the SBS building, was sealed for maintenance and restriped to accommodate 24 new spaces. Pothole and brick repair was completed on other parking lots and intersections throughout campus.

Breath of Fresh Air for Student Health Center
The Student Health Center has completed Phase 1 of a multi-phase upgrade to improve building efficiency and air quality.

New and Improved Screens
Facilities Management worked with ITS on replacing projector screens in multiple classrooms across campus. Buildings included Natural Resources, Gist, Founders Hall and Wildlife. The screens are all automated and are made of a high-definition material to improve graphics and allow for easy retracting and deployment.

Campus Apartments Repairs
Structural improvements to the foundation of Campus Apartments were completed to ensure seismic safety.

Campus-Wide Cameras
Exterior cameras have been installed across campus to improve personal safety and university assets.


Acoustical Improvements On the Way
Facilities Management is working with the Department of Music faculty and staff on the installation of a speaker system and acoustical improvement of amplified sound in the Fulkerson Recital Hall.

Nelson Hall East
This project will upgrade the Nelson Hall East conference room 106 to include new furniture, finishes, and smart classroom technology. The improvements will also improve building exterior safety and exiting to allow for greater capacity.