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CSU Budget Request Balances System Needs with Fiscal Realities

System Seeks Reinvestment to Meet Enrollment Demand

The following was provided by the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

The California State University Board of Trustees today approved its 2013-14 budget request of the Governor and the legislature, which seeks to balance the system’s continued unmet needs with the state’s fiscal challenges. CSU is requesting a total of $371.9 million over its current baseline budget that includes state funds, tuition and systemwide fees. The plan includes revenue for enrollment growth, compensation, as well as maintenance of facilities.

“This budget request is a genuine reflection of the fiscal needs of the university, but moderated by the reality of the state’s fiscal challenges,” said Robert Turnage, assistant vice chancellor for budget. “The revenue plan strikes a balance between a reasonable request to the state and revenue associated with enrollment growth.”

The budget plan identifies increased funding needs of $441.8 million, and asks the Governor and the legislature for a total increase of $371.9 million in state support funds. The enrollment demand item will accommodate an increase in the number of students admitted, as well as additional courses for current students.

Specific funding requests include:

The expenditure plan would bring annual spending for support of the CSU to approximately $4.5 billion, including student fee revenues. Approximately $69.9 million in revenue will come from tuition fee revenue associated with enrollment growth of approximately 20,000 additional students. The budget also includes funds for a 3 percent compensation increase pool for faculty and staff (subject to collective bargaining for represented employees), funding for the Graduation Initiative, as well as funding for urgent maintenance needs and increased mandatory costs (health care benefits, energy).