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Fall Applications Show Upward Trend

Freshman applications to Humboldt State University for Fall 2007 have shot up 15% compared to last year, building on the record freshman class fielded in August.

“In fact,” reports HSU Admissions Director Scott Hagg, “we have actually surpassed the total number of applications for Fall ’06 already: to date we have 7,298 applications for Fall ’07 versus the final total of 7,204 recorded for the semester just ended.”

Hagg attributed the 15% climb to hikes in applications from the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, where his office has redoubled recruitment efforts in carefully targeted locales. This also has contributed to the increase in applications from Hispanic and African American students for Fall 2007.

Hagg credits HSU alumni for their involvement in recruitment. “A number of our alumni in the Los Angeles area have taken time to visit high schools and connect with potential students,” he said. “Their assistance has been invaluable in recruiting quality students to HSU.”

Reinforcing the applications surge is a rise in the overall average unit load of HSU students to 14.52 in the current Spring 2007 semester versus 14.22 in Spring 2006. “From freshmen to graduate students, each group is taking a higher number of units this spring compared to spring ’06,” Hagg said.

For freshmen alone, unit loads rose to 15.34 today from 14.92 a year ago.

These gains are crucial to HSU’s drive to augment the number of full-time equivalent students—those taking an academic load of 15 units or more—which determines the annual level of state aid the university receives.

Hagg said the rising number of applications is such that the Admissions Office is setting a tentative June 1 deadline for the Fall 2007 semester. “We plan to monitor applications received closely and the number of students committing to HSU for Fall ’07. At some point, we will need to encourage students to apply for a later term. We want to ensure all students enrolling at HSU have the available classes and housing necessary for a successful college experience.”

Application figures are “to date” and will fluctuate until census is taken, Hagg noted.

HSU welcomed the largest freshman class in its history last fall when 990 freshmen and 828 transfer students registered for classes. That marked an 11% increase in freshmen/transfer enrollment above the Fall 2005 levels. The last record was set in 1995 with a freshmen class of 927.

The university also saw a rise in minority enrollment, almost doubling the number of American Indian students in the Fall ’06 freshman class and increasing the enrollment of freshman African American students by an extraordinary 38%.

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