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Grant to Expand HSU’s Efforts in Preventing Sexualized Violence

Already recognized by the White House as a leader in preventing sexualized violence on campus, Humboldt State University is one of 27 universities in the nation to receive funding under an $8.5 million Dept. of Justice grant competition to enhance victim services and develop programs to continue addressing sexualized violence.

HSU will receive $300,000 over three years, and will work closely with the North Coast Rape Crisis Team, Humboldt Domestic Violence Services, the Arcata Police Department, and the Humboldt County District Attorney’s office. The program supports activities that develop campus-based coordinated responses that include health providers, housing officials, administrators, student leaders, UPD, Greek Council, athletics, student clubs, Associated Students, and the Office of Student Conduct, and the new campus advocate.

All campuses in the California State University system have recently been mandated to have campus advocates for survivors of sexual assault. To meet that requirement, Humboldt State is contracting with the North Coast Rape Crisis Team, which will mean advocate services are available 24 hours a day.

This coordinated community response is intended to enhance safety, provide assistance to survivors, and hold offenders accountable.

“We have a dream team of campus and community members who are fundamentally committed to creating a community free of violence,” said Kim Berry, chair of the Department of Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and lead researcher for the grant. “Our ‘Check IT’ bystander education program has harnessed the vision and creativity of student activists to help change our culture on campus so that students look out for each other and disrupt potential moments of harm,” she said.

Rep. Jared Huffman said the grant underscores the quality and innovation of Humboldt State’s efforts to reduce harm. “This federal support recognizes Humboldt State’s leadership in preventing sexualized violence,” Huffman said. “This grant will prove important in furthering their work to protect our students and ensure that campus is a safe place.”

Humboldt State has a history of partnering with community agencies that are focused on supporting survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking. Collaborations like this bring expertise and resources to the campus community.

“Through such partnerships we have developed concrete tools and resources for our campus community to put survivors’ needs at the center of our response, while having more success in holding perpetrators accountable and complying with mandatory reporting required by Title IX and other state and federal laws,” says Berry.

The grant will focus on several areas:
(1) Strengthen the coordinated community response to sexual assault, intimate-partner violence, dating violence, and stalking;
(2) Continue the implementation of Check IT and conduct ongoing training for administrators regarding campus conduct;
(3) Create a comprehensive campus plan detailing campus professional’s roles in prevention and response;
(4) Train law enforcement in appropriate responses to incidents, victims, and perpetrators of violence;
(5) Develop materials to prevent retaliation, initiate social media campaigns, and expand creative outreach;
(6) Improve direct services for victim/survivors; and
(7) Develop a core group of male leaders of fraternities and sports teams who will model consent-centered behavior and position themselves as active bystanders to disrupt harm.

More About HSU’s Efforts to Combat Sexualized Violence

Humboldt State University has taken a coordinated approach to reducing sexualized violence on campus. Here is a look at some of that work to date:

The North Coast Rape Crisis Team 24-Hour hotline is (707) 445-2881

The Humboldt Domestic Violence Services 24-hour hotline is (707) 443-6042

For more information, visit