Firearm Arrest on Campus

Humboldt State University Police arrested three people on Saturday, Feb. 6 after responding to a disturbance report from a campus residence hall.

UPD received a call around 9 p.m. reporting a group of men causing a disturbance in the Mendocino Residence Hall and a gun being brandished. Officers responded and detained four non-students in a parking lot near the residence hall and two additional subjects at 14th St./LK Wood.

One of the subjects, Vincent Michael Olivo, was found in possession of a loaded magazine. After a search in the area, a handgun was found and Olivo was arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm on campus and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Two of the other subjects were arrested on suspicion of public intoxication. The other three were released.

There were no reported injuries. A quick response by UPD and members of the campus community prevented what could have been a worse outcome.

Upon further investigation it was determined that an on campus resident invited a non-student to her campus residence and that guest brought additional friends.

For the safety of the campus community, residents are not allowed to have any guests or visitors in their residences, including rooms and community spaces such as lounges or outdoor recreation areas. Weapons, including firearms, are never allowed in residence halls or on campus. Any non-criminal violations of campus policies will be adjudicated through the campus discipline system.

If you need a safety escort at any time or need crime prevention tips, please contact UPD at 707-826-5555.

In case of emergency, contact University Police immediately by dialing or texting 911, calling (707) 826-5555 or extension 5555 from any campus blue light phone.

It’s also critically important to remain vigilant about protecting yourself and others from spreading COVID-19. Community risk is considered widespread. Please continue to follow basic health and safety precautions (i.e., wear a face covering, practice social distancing, etc.), don’t forget to do a daily wellness self-check before coming to campus, and follow these guidelines if you fail your wellness check.

Go to Campus Ready for comprehensive information about HSU pandemic planning, preparedness, and operations.