HSU Creates $1,000 Scholarship for On-campus Living - Humboldt State Now

HSU Creates $1,000 Scholarship for On-campus Living

Starting in Fall 2020, students who attend Humboldt State University and live in on-campus housing will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship to help pay their housing costs.

The renewable scholarship will be automatically awarded to new first-year students. Transfers and returning students will be also be awarded the scholarship when they live on campus. As long as students maintain satisfactory academic progress, the award can be renewed for four years for a total of $4,000.

The scholarship is part of an ongoing effort to improve recruitment, retention, and graduation rates at HSU.

“This scholarship will help new or returning Humboldt State students afford safe, reliable housing, allowing them to focus on their academics, their campus community, and college life,” says Stephen St. Onge, Associate Vice President of Student Success.

According to Jason L. Meriwether, Vice President of Enrollment Management, “this award is a key retention tool so that students feel less stress about affording housing while staying on track to earn a degree. For the 66% of students who don’t pay tuition because they qualify for the full Pell Grant, the Cal Grant, or the State University Grant, this will bring them a step closer to living on campus without the full burden of paying for housing.”

Housing options at HSU include single and double rooms, suites, and apartments with a number of amenities including rec rooms, high speed internet, laundry and more. Every year theme and learning community housing is available as well. Learn more at the Housing website.

HSU has been implementing improvements on recruitment efforts, including two recently announced scholarships for students from local counties and from Fortuna High School. Read about all of HSU’s strategic recruitment efforts.

This story was originally published Oct. 31.