HSU Hosts 15 Ecuadorian Faculty

Humboldt State University is hosting a faculty development program in English for professors from Ecuador, beginning August 21.

The Universidad Technologica Equinoccial (UTE) of Quito, Ecuador will send 15 English teachers to Arcata from its Foreign Language Department under the six-week initiative. They will receive instruction from Professors Tom Gage and Suzanne Scott of Humboldt State’s English Department and from instructors Martha Mason and Tom Walendy of HSU’s International English Language Institute (IELI). The institute is an intensive, multi-level English program designed for professionals and visitors who need to expand their skills in the language.

UTE Quito’s visit marks the first phase of an educational interchange with Humboldt State. The two schools signed a memorandum of understanding last May that provides for collaboration of faculty and students.

As English teachers, the Quito faculty are fluent in the language, but they have never been to an English speaking country. “In fact, they have never been out of Ecuador, so they are very reticent to speak English outside the classroom,” said Don Andrews, director of the IELI.

The teachers will take a variety of courses, including North American literature, advanced grammar, and advanced writing.

They will observe HSU faculty in the classroom from the IELI and from the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Activities outside the classroom and the home stays will further their interaction in English.

For more information, call Don Andrews at 826-5878 or email ieli@humboldt.edu.