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HSU Looks to Expand Team Sports Offerings

Humboldt State University’s Athletics and Recreational Sports departments are teaming up to offer more students a chance to participate in team sports. The two departments, which have always worked closely together, are formally combining this semester.

A major goal of the combination is to offer more opportunities for students to compete on sports teams. Research shows that student engagement in extracurricular activities can improve their overall success in school.

Organizationally, the change will allow HSU to gain some operational efficiencies, and for the Recreational Sports program to take advantage of expertise and resources within Athletics. The change should also help with the promotion of team sports opportunities and bring greater visibility to the successes of various club sports teams.

HSU’s intercollegiate athletics, club, and recreational teams provide opportunities to more than 2,500 players each year.

For more information about the programs, visit the Athletics website and the Recreational Sports website.